RECIPE: cooking/baking with xylitol

ilmbgNovember 25, 2012

Unfortunately, I like sweet things- dessert type. I have heard xylitol is great to make sweets, as you use just a little of it.

I have stayed away from the granular type sweeteners, as I worry about what they will to us in the long runs, years later...

Has anyone used the liwuid (just a few drops) of xylitol?

How does it taste in desserts?


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I'm Diabetic and I use Splenda as a sweetener. Splenda is made from sugar and the best sweetener I've found and I researched them all and tried a few. Large amounts of Xylitol can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. It is also toxic to dogs and cats.

Splenda tastes just fine in desserts but is not so great in drinks. You will have to adjust the amount down though because it is sweeter than sugar

You might also want to try Stevia which is a plant based sweetener. I didn't care for the taste but others use it and like it

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I see the original poster questioned this some time ago. But for anyone new to xylitol... I use this and stevia only for sweetening at this time. I think the original poster may have actually been talking about stevia. Stevia comes in both a powder and liquid form, whereas I haven't seen xylitol in a liquid form. Also, very little stevia is used for sweetening, whereas xylitol is pretty much cup for cup with sugar measurements. I keep all my goodies that I make away from our pets. I enjoy using xylitol in baked goods, experience no bitterness or after tastes, though with some recipes some people do notice a cooling type sensation in the mouth. I also will often use a little less xylitol than a recipe would call for and add a couple drops of stevia. This has worked out to be more sugar-like as far as taste and texture. As far as fearing xylitol... I'm much more fearful of chemical sweeteners and sugar... as well as the complications associated with diabetes. (My mother's an insulin dependent diabetic.)

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Yes....I asked this quite awhile ago. I did mean stevia, because I will not have xylitol in the house, as I own a small dog.
Xylitol is fatal to dogs even in minute vet just lost his large Labrador because his son left a pack of gum on the sofa with four pieces in it. He had to put his own dog down due to the irreversible kidney shutdown.
Anyway, I am now leary of any artificial sweeteners in the house. I will either have to stop eating sweet food or come up with a safe recipe.

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Xylitol as well as any others that end in -ol, are sugar alcohols (but don't contain alcohol). They are high in carbs and a big no-no for those who need to limit sugar intake (like diabetics). Ditto for Sorbitol that is a part of so-called 'sugar-free' products. I've learned a hard way by using a 'sugar-free' pancake syrup on my hot cereal and then having a higher number of blood sugar (I'm blessed with Type 2 diabetes). Needless to say, said bottle went to trash and the contents down the sewer. Same about 'sugar-free' honey.

Should you disagree, don't kill the messenger.

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