RECIPE: Need low sugar recipes for holidays

monica2001November 8, 2002

Hi: My cardiologist has me on "Sugarbusters" forever.. I have been on no sugar, nothing white for over a year now and I feel wonderful, no longer on diabetes medication, so I guess I can hang in there. I have found that sometimes I can use 1 tablespoon of sugar instead of 1 cup, and the recipes tastes pretty good. But I need lots of recipes that you have found. Please take the time and send some. Thanks, Monica in TX

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Hi Monica,
I'm am a similar diet, but a bit more restrictive. You should seriously look into using Stevia or Medjool dates for sweetness in recipes, snacks, and drinks. Dates are rather high is sucrose and have some glucose, but are so rich you really can't eat that many at once anyway. Stevia is a tropical herb which has been throughly tested and no adverse reactions observed. Purified Stevia extracts, available at most health food stores, is 200-400X sweeter than the same amount of refined sugar (but there is no sugar in Stevia). I use both to flavor teas, make non-bake form cakes, and raw as afternoon snacks. If you want any info, just email me :o)

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I moderate the Sugar Busters boards over at the 3FC'S site and have been doing so for almost 3 years. We have a ton of recipes you can easily use, esp. if you have access to agave syrup.nectar. My crustless cheesecake is to die for, if I don't say so myself.

Please feel free to come visit us and ask any questions you may have, or you can e-mail me directly. If you'd like to post after registering, use the QUICK REPLY box at the bottom of the page, or hit POST REPLY, you just don't want to hit NEW THREAD.

BTW, we have quite a few Texas Roses on the board!



Here is a link that might be useful: SUGAR BUSTERS SUPPORT BOARDS

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