What to do with left over holiday fragrances

elle110December 22, 2003

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple quick ???. First, for some odd reason I purchased a ton of eggnog fragrance this holiday, I sold alot but I have a ton left over. How long will the fragrance last, I know I will not be selling anymore after this week. I hate that it will not stay fresh until next year at this time. Any ideas?

Second, does anyone know of a Salt Scrub recipe that is more like a butter scrub and thick? I can hardly stand most of the scrub recipes because they lay in oil, and most of the popular retail stores have the same oily substances (gross).

Third, does anyone know where I can purchase Calendula Oil ( I think it is supposed to be excellent in baby products if not someone correct me and tell me what is) I want to use in my lotion bar recipe in place of Sweet Almond Oil for a diaper rash bar.

Everyone have a happy and safe holiday, I feel so blessed to make it through this holiday still sane, I have been swamped and it felt like it would never end but now I am going to take a breather after holidays to get ready for the next rush.



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Depending on the quality of the eggnog oil & HOW you store it, it should be fine till next holiday season.
It should be stored in an amber glass bottle, preferably out of the light, & in a temp controled room....not an attic, garage or bathroom.

Don't know about the scrub recipe, but as fas as the calendula oil, do some research & see what it's shelf life is, & HOW much you can use in a recipe.
Oils are not all equally replaceable--recipies can only be certian percentages of some oils. (You may have to STILL use some sweet almond or other carrier oil along with SOME calendula oil)
Also, check the shelf life of calendula oil. Some oils have a MUCH shorter shelf life than sweet almond oil, which is WHY sweet almond is used so much. And you may have to add a preseritive WITH the calendula oil, which may defeat whatever reason you want to get rid of the sweet almond oil.

Don't know how much help any of that is......

Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season!


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Thanks Hazel, I am getting on ordering some amber bottles right now, and I will research the Calendula Oil

Merry Christmas


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