How'd the shows go?

Jennifer_PDecember 15, 2004

Now that it's almost Christmas, how did everyone do for fall craft shows? We're in Florida and did back to back shows every weekend from October to December 12th. Phew! The hurricanes hurt the beginning of the season but we ended strong, had great repeat business and feel really good about 2005. Anyone else?

Hazel - how'd it go switching to jewelry? Every show we went to had tons of jewelers who complained about the saturation.


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If it wasn't for the jewelry I wouldn't have sold ANYTHING!

I poured 70 bars of soap in October, I still have about 25 left!

Shows around here were crappy. I ended up with a bottom line that's almost exactly what I made last year for the fall, but almost all of that is jewelry sales. I sold very little in the soap/scented products line. I normally sell out of lavender dryer bags & catnip mice a couple of times during the season. I Still have catnip mice, and I think I sold 4 lavender dryer bags between ALL the shows.

I am seriously rethinking doing craft shows, or at least local shows. I have thought about coming down to Fla. and doing some of the Buckler winter shows, Jan-March time frame. Doubt that I could do any this season, but maybe next.

I'm going to try doing some home jewelry shows, featuring handmade jewelry from myself & a friend who does totally different stuff than I do, and I will have some commercilly made stuff too, things we don't make. I have 2 shows scheduled for after the 1st of the year. I'll see how they progress as the year goes on & that will make my decision as to me doing Fla shows or not. I can do do at least as well (LOL!) as I did with craft shows for the past 2 years by doing the home shows. I'll just stick with that, for now.

Glad to hear your shows did well!, given the hurricanes. Hope it continues for 2005, but without the hurricanes!


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