Granite fabs in NoVA?

les_baileyMay 25, 2010

Does anyone have any experience with Granite Source in Chantilly? Fabricators.

This boils down to a trust issue, I think. We've not been in the area long enough to be seasoned with any particular vendor community or sources. We're early in the building planning process, so perhaps I'm ahead of myself. But with this vendor, am a little disillusioned with the fact that there seems to be no dollar amount placed on any granite at this point at all. They can't even tell me "oh yes, the XXX granite is $$ sq./ft.".

Does anyone know how this works? Is granite pricing really this dynamic and ambiguous? There's gonna be a lot of stone in this kitchen, and we're willing to have a quieter dark stone around the edge so we can have a slab of artwork in the center. Would be nice not to go to closing blind.

If you have someone you're thrilled with, I'd be interested to know as well, with thanks. We may be flexible.

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I contacted Amanda at Charles Luck Stone in the Dulles location (Studio) and she was very nice - quoted me a sq ft price for the granite I wanted over the phone. Her price included install/cutouts, everything but tax.

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We had a good experience at Granite and marble express in chantilly, but ended up falling in love with slabs at Fairfax Marble and Granite in Merrifield. Granite source was not on my list of recommendations from contractors, but that doesn't mean they aren't fine.
BTW - I have found no one has prices on the slabs, just D, E, Rare etc markings. You will have ask about the level you want to get the sq ft pricing.


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I went with Dominian Granite in Ashburn, about 10 min down 28 from Chantily. I went with them after visiting over 10 granite fab places. One of the things I liked about them is you pick your stone from the stone yard/importer. They do not have a stock yard to pull from. This was important because the stone, Piracema White, that I went with was not carried at any of the Fabricators, many didnt even know what it was. To have them pick it from the yard was costing extra, with dominan there is no extra charge for this. Dominian uses state of the art laser templating system that is very accurate, they also let you come lay out your templates if you want. They had my slab from the yard, cut an installed in 6 business days. That includes the lifetime sealing that they do. Im really happy with their work, and would use them again if needed.

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I've used Granite Source hundreds of times and have had very few issues with them. I always work with Jessi and she is great! She always follows up......I have gotten slabs from them directly and from Marble Systems, which has numerous types of stone, and Granite Source picks the stone up from them and then fabricate and install it. Ive had numerous jobs installed in less than 10 business if I'd pick the slab right after or before they come to measure. I'd definitely recommend them....though ask for Jessi and tell her Deana recommended you....hope it works out! I;ve heard not too good things about other ppl....

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I work in a four state area designing and selling kitchens including Granite tops. Counter Intelligence is the best Granite fabricator in the Metro DC area including Northern VA. The have the state of the Art fabricating plant, state of the art measuring, and a LIFE TIME STAIN WARRANTY. their seams are almost invisible. I don not work for them but they do all of the granite for me and have for many years.

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Yikes! Stay away from them! I had a nightmare experience with them!

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Email me via "My Page" if you want details of the many things they did wrong, messed up, and damaged.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buehl's My Page

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Thanks to all for your comments ! Especially allie22031, tsdahc, j_mueller; and archnista - that also could be it for certain.

Am new to gardenweb in the past month. You'all seem to be a wonderful, dynamic, active, & informative crowd - Thanks !! Given that my first 'google' resulted in seeing pics here for windows behind & around the cooktop, I'll be sure to post whatever we end up with - code contingent of course.

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For my kitchen, my contractor recommended Virginia Marble and Granite in Chantilly and we were very happy with the results.

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try Erin's Marble and Granite off Lee Road in Chantilly. I've seen their work and planning to have my own install within next few weeks. Ask for Ben.

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We had a very bad experience with Rugo Stone in Lorton. You can also check Washington Consumers Checkbook for reviews of places and fabricators.

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I used to be a partner in a kitchen and bath store in Sterling I got mad at the partner and pulled out and moved to florida. You are waisting you time talking to someone who will not give you prices per square foot. It probably means you are not talking to a fabricator and instead talking to someone who sells them the stones for a undisclosed price.

Most companies sell the stones in groups called levels. Honestly it is an annoying system. Each stone has a exact price per square foot as a cost when you buy the actual material as a fabricator. They group the stones into levels.

CIA Counter Intelgence lost the account from Depot a while back for reasons I am not educated on. Before you buy from anyone check their better business buea. rating.

If price matters most put an add on craigslist and many guys will contact you. You should get level A 10 colors or so to chose from between 30-40 / square foot another 10-15 colors at least for 40-50 and another 20 colors in 50-60 range. If you are going to get a life time guarantee on the sealant make sure it is backed by dupont or Cosentino or other large corporate name. Other wise it is a gimic and if the fabricator is out of business so is you supposed warranty. Unless the sealant is polymer/ type of glue based it will wash out with time. Most sealers are silicone based which washes off with mild soap over time not matter what anyone says.

Esos Marble and Granite does good work but you have to push them to get contractor pricing to get it at a good price. It is a game to all of these stores do not think you are getting a better price if you buy from a fabricator instead of going thru a kitchen and bath store you have to get multiple prices to see who is doing you right.

You should be able to call anyone and say you want a certain color and you have 45 square feet with 1 sink and what edge you want and expect an exact quote over the phone. they will measure the kitchen to confirm the square feet but the cost per square foot should remain the same.

Expect prices over the phone for common colors or a call back if it is less popular and exotic. You can weed out a lot of BS if you make several calls to see what they say.

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