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crystaelNovember 13, 2000

hey im real chubby an would like it if some people could come up with a couple recipes that i could try so i could loose a couple pounds it really bothering me because i have never been really big before ive tried everything from stopping eating to trying to become a vegertarian i have even tried to just eat good things but nothing seems to work well long story short it would be nice if a couple of people could e-mail me at SHORTEY_WIT_AN_ATTITUDE@YAHOO.COM

thanks for your time and appreciation for reading this message

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Marlen in South FL

You really might wish to consult a doctor before you start dieting. No particular recipe can make you lose weight. Here is general information on weight loss.

Here is a link that might be useful: Information about losing weight

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Try ThatHomeSite.com's diet forum - there may be something there to help you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Diet Forum

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Jacqui Chapman

In my experience, it seems that the only way you can ever really lose weight effectively and keep it off is to count the calories (no more than 1500 per day) combined with a regular excercise routine. We keep seeing all these faddy diets and gizmos advertised here in the UK but I think we all know deep down where we are going wrong. Cut out fatty foods, reduce any alcohol intake and try to comit to 20 minutes excercise per day (even a brisk walk can help) and if you can stick to this, after two weeks, you will notice a big difference. Best of luck!

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Jacqui Chapman

I visited America for the first time last year & I fell in love with pancakes and syrup which I had for breakfast every day of my two week holiday! I bought a packet of the instant mix back with me, but sadly, it has all long gone now. Does anyone please have a recipe? Preferably waist consious if possible (every little helps!) Our mixes in England taste nothing like the American mix. Many thanks!

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i need to know how much coke and ketchup to use and do i bake it and how long.

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