Help-bathroom mirrors, can I hang them off center?

ellie11July 23, 2012

I bought two gorgeous mirrors to hang over the sinks in our new master bathroom, but failed to measure them before I had them ordered...they are 34x34 and the space directly above my sink is only 30" wide, with a drppoed makeup area in between the two sinks that is 36" wide.. Would it look terrible if I hung them off center over the sinks so that they overhung into the makeup area? I love the mirrors and can't return them...

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Here is the bathroom cabinetry plan. There is a wall on the left side so I can't overhang the mirror to the left... and I'll post a picture of the mirrors. I really love them and want to use them if I can!!

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Here is the mirror. Sorry, I'm new at this and haven't figured out how to upload more than one pic at a time!

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Prop them up and see if the placement works for you. If not, I would suggest centering one of them over the make-up area and placing a rectangular or square mirror in a complementary frame over each sink. You could use the other quatrefoil mirror elsewhere in your house.

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Fun2BHere - thank you! I had not thought of that and that would definitely allow me to at least use one of the mirrors in there. That would solve my lighting concern too since if I offset the mirrors I would have to offset the lighting as well (its a new construction so I have to physically look at is drywall right now). I'm feeling better already!

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The mirror above a vanity bowl should be smaller than the vanity. For your area, you want 24" wide mirrors. And, personally, while lovely, I do not think your mirror's shape is suitable for use as a vanity mirror. It's too awkward in shape for it's primary mission which is to provide a good visual reflection. They would be great as accent mirrors somewhere that actually seeing yourself in the mirror wasn't important.

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I would use either a large mirror that goes across the whole area, or individual mirrors over each sink. You can go up to 30" in choosing 2 smaller mirrors, just don't go wider.

I would sell the mirrors you have or use them elsewhere in the house.

For more ideas check out the bathroom mirrors on houzz.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz

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I'm afraid I agree with GreenDesigns.
They are wonderful, but you will ruin your bathroom's design integrity if you use them in the wrong place, and I think that is the wrong place.

Your bath mirrors must hang centered on your sinks, or the composition will drive you crazy, not to mention having to stand to the side to get your face centered in the mirror. And they are much too powerful in design to work flanked by two more, unless you just mirrored the whole wall. Then you could hang one in the middle on top of it.

Surely you can find good places for both of them? Do you have a fireplace with equal space on both sides of the chimney breast, for instance? They'd look great hung over a pair of bookcases that were, say, 3' tall and 4' wide. Or on the end walls of your dining room, to hang them opposite each other on those walls? if you use the short walls, the distance between them will minimize that eternity thing that happens when mirrors are hung opposite each other. Or hang one upstairs and one down, if you have an upstairs.

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Maybe a weird suggestion, but it seems to me that if you tilted the mirrors and hung them on the diagonal (so that one of the square points was on top instead of a rounded part), they would be less wide. If you are open to that idea, you might measure to see if they'd fit that way. I'm not sure if the mirrors would look odd that way, but it might be worth a shot.

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