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WhitneyVLDecember 23, 2004

Hi, Wherever I'm reading about candle and soap making, everyone always says to make sure you use good quality fragrance oils. I guess I'm not sure how to spot a bad one. I have bought from Brambleberry, Bitter Creek, WSP, MMS and Scent Works, and have never had a problem (that I'm aware of, LOL). I was wondering if there are some other reliable sources of quality goods. And maybe a quick lesson on how to spot problems or bad quality. Thanks :)

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I buy my soap fragrances from Wholesale Supplies Plus and my candle oils from Bittercreek. Both have excellent quality oils; I get a much better fragrance throw in my candles with Bittercreeks oils, that's why I use them for my candle fragrances. Your "low end" oils you will be able to spot right off the bat- for example, Michael's and Wal-Mart both carry fragrance oils, but there isn't much fragrance to their "fragrance". Don't waste your money on them. If a fragrance oil has a cheap price, then you are getting what you pay for generally. The resources you are using are good, although I am not familiar with MMS or Scentworks.

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Thanks for your reply Susan. The addresses for the other two suppliers I use are:

Majestic Mountain Sage

Scent Works

So far I really like the FOs I've received from them. I thought a lot of people knew about Sage, they seem to have fairly good pricing on all of their stuff, excellent CS and a fast turnaround time.

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Thank you for the links, Whitney. I am going to have a look at those suppliers.

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I've bought from varous suppliers, don't like sweetcakes order minimum of $25 I bought their Grapefruit Ginger in a 8oz. I think the description sounded so good, HATED IT! I bought quite a few small sizes from Save on Scents and had to throw away the Jasmine green tea, IT LITERALLY SMELLED LIKE MY DOGS CACA!!!! The only tolerable ones were pear and Cappuccino and I don't use either. A good scent should have a top note a middle note and a bottom note, many have a finish that lasts just like a good wine.

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So ebeth, who did you like? Looking to order some more scents and was thinking about Sweetcakes after Susan's recommendations. Can you tell me who you have liked?

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Most of the ones I buy from Sweetcakes are their perfume duplicates. They are always fantastic duplicates. I always buy a sample size of the real perfume to compare it to. I have to admit that there are some that I don't like but my customers do; "child" is one of them. It is one of my best sellers but I just don't like it. For most general type fragrances, like coconut lime or something, I will buy from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I am pickier about the perfume duplicates.

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Have you tried the Angel duplicate? That's the one I'm thinking of ordering, I got one from MMS Sage but I don't think it's true-however, I don't have any of the original to compare it to right now. Only one place in town carries it and I haven't been by there in a while. I'm also looking for a good Vanilla Bean Noel duplicate, if any knows where I can get one. I was disappointed in the dupplicate from MMS and I do have that lotion to compare to.

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There are two others sources (besides MMS) for "Vanilla Bean Noel" listed on Felicity's Fragrance Finder. But I haven't tried either one... anyone else familiar with these two?

Vanilla Bean Noel (type)

Cheri's Country Cottage
Duplication: Bath & Body Works - "...a sweet vanilla spice & roasted hazelnuts!"

Tri-State Candle Supplies
Skin safe.

FYI... link below is to Felicity's Fragrance Finder... a place you will want to bookmark if you haven't already!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fragrance Finder

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Thanks for this link! This will be a valuable resource for me.
Itsme, I haven't tried the Angel duplicate. I always buy a sample size of whatever perfume I am interested in off of Ebay. There are several shops that specialize in fragrance samples there. Saves money to buy a sample size (they are usually generous samples), whether for testing the quality of perfume duplicates, or for trying one on for myself! :)

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Brambleberry has always been my favorite. I happily wait the week it takes to get my fragrances from WA to MD.

On the other hand, I wasn't happy with my fragrances from Wellington at all. They were weak and all had a similar sickening sweet note, even the ones that weren't supposed to be sweet. Not to mention that they have a $100 minimum, or they bill you an additional handling fee.

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The Scent Review Board is a good resource for those who'd like to know other soaper/chandler experiences with fragrances from various suppliers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scent Review Board

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New here--I 'test' FO's for Scenter Stage. They have to be good, strong FO's with staying power. Larry and Jean are very particular about scents--you may want to check them out at:

My personal favorites are: dragon's blood, butterfly kisses and tropical citrus!

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I am unfamilar with this company, but I think I may give them a try. Thanks for the link.

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Are you looking for oils that work in predominately bath and body products,soaps, wax or all?

I use several suppliers.
Great soaping oils and bath and body..and some work in soy wax.
Oregon Trails, Brambleberry, JC's

Candle~but many are multi usage oils:
Longwyck Candle Works, Tennessee Candle Supply, KY Candle Supply, Wick Your Wax (However if you live in the US, you now have to order from Bittercreek North.), Candle Cocoon.

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hi! i make soy wax candles and have found some really good companies to get F.O.,, and I found that those companies have "truer" smells.

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If you want to try some good quality oils then BitterCreek is the place to go, but I have since found a place closer to home sce I live in WV, WIS,is a bit to far for meso I found Just Scent, and they have really Awesome oils with great throw and great prices with lots to choose from. try them ay

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There is a store on EBay that is selling large sizes of FO's from all the makers. I ordered some from her and am testing the different manufacturers. The prices are great and she'll ship in a flat rate box.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heaven Scent Candle and Soap Supply

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