curb appeal--a portico ???

steve-lindaFebruary 7, 2009

HELLO ..We are looking for some input. We own a small cottage apprx 37 ft long..just a straight typical 60's ranch...we've added siding and all new windows but there's no architectural appeal at all. We are thinking about a portico..any ideas are appreciated.....the house is 37 ft long..the entry is dead centered on the house and 60''x 120'' windows are centered in each about a double "a" portico with round columns? any input is appreciated steve and linda

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Could you post a picture of the house?

I am also not sure what you mean by double a,

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I tried to post a picture but i cant paste it for some reason... i tried in the url link but i cant seem to. The double A i refer to is like a peak within a peak..i could email it to you though..thanks for your assistance..steve

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Sorry if you know this already, but the photo needs to be somewhere online, not on your computer. If you haven't already, upload it to your webpage or an online photo album like Flickr (any will do). All the online photo albums have different instructions how to link to a shot. Follow yours.

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we had a similar type home, only larger, but we put a porch over our doorway area..8x12..with railings and trim..after we had it for a while we eventually closed it in with plexiglass and a 15 light door so that it is totally enclosed (Michigan) for the winter weather..
we matched the siding on the peak of the roof to the siding on the house and matched the it looked like it had always been there..i love it..

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we added a small porch to the front of our small house, it is 8 x 10, since we have enclosed it with glass..still need to paint the trim aroun the glass as we got it done in cold temps..this year we also put a door on the it is now enclosed..still needs work

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In this month's This Old House magazine there is an article about curb appeal. On page 69 they added a really pretty little porch. Take a peek next time you go to the store.

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ronbre Your house is lovely. I would love to enclose our front porch. We have the roof already. I am afraid it might trap too much heat in the summer. Do your glass panels come down for the summer or open in any way?

When I spoke of our 8 by 10 deck/porch on one house we built and complaining the door was centered to the deck. You did it the right way giving yourself space for seating with out having to walk through it.

All this porch chatter makes me want to go out and clean up our porch. We are storming here today but I think this project is going to the top of my list. I can not garden yet. I can clean up the porch.


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