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maidinmontanaDecember 28, 2006

for those of you that sell your products at craft shows, farmers markets etc, what are some clever ideas you have come up with for packaging? I think the packaging sells as much as the products do and would like to think of some unique ways to package my lotion bars, soaps, and scrubs other than tins,bottles and jars or if I do resort to the above, how to make them appealing to the eye.

Thanks to all for info.

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labeling makes a big difference in a market that has alot of "makers". You could also look at PVC boxes and things like that. But I don't see anything wrong with tins, bottles and jars...
Labeling and accessories are the key.

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Gee, I haven't posted on here in a long time..

Anyway, I agree that labeling and packaging are the key elements in selling. However, the drawback to it is that the nicer the packaging and labeling, the more expense is in the product. In my particular area, a bar of soap will not sell for more than $2.50, and handmade lotion and other bath products simply don't sell at all. However, as I said, this is the particular market area.

The nicest packaging with the lowest price is often found (in my personal experience) through pre-buys and co-ops. Watch for these. Join several Yahoo groups, etc., that are devoted to such. Just keep in mind that it all adds to the final price of your product. Will a customer pay $7.00 for an attractively packaged bath and shower gel, or will they go to Bath and Body Works and pay $7.00 for one of theirs? Here, they will go to Bath and Body Works, so prices have to be really low to attract buyers.

I hope this helps, and gives you some food for thought. :)


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