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blessedbygodDecember 9, 2006

Hi everyone I'm new to the forums ihope someone can help me here I make soy candles and aroma mist,lots of other primitive decor the thing here is I don't know how to get started to sell my stuff. I love making crafts and getting new ideas everyday but sometimes I just feel I am wasting my time and money. Can someone give some advice Please.

God Bless You

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Craft shows/bazaars in your town.
Have a small home show or open house...
You can try online, but that's a much harder market to spread the word even if you have a website. It's got to come up on searches and other things that point potential buyers your way.

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Hi blessed,

I just thought I would pass on some info, I was at a party my friend invited me to. I believe it was a friend of hers that was the consultant. She sold a nice variety of products that I think were her own creations. Things such as oat and honey soap, lip balms, lotions etc. I read on the back of her packaging the ingrediants used and they were all natural. Becuase of that I still buy the products even if I don't attend the parties. I think if you create a product and it is what people want and can't find a superior product anywhere else, they will buy them and spread the word. Just remember, there is wealth of products out there available to everyone, you have to make them want yours and continue to buy yours as well. If you have the product they want they will buy it.

My sister in law and her sister make soy candles. I think they are OK! Not superb by any means, but I get one very year for Christmas and birthday, I use them but I don't think I would ever buy one. For one thing the lables are anything but appealing, the color isn't a color I would choose, but none of theirs are, they are basic pink, yellow, blue etc. I see so many more unique candles that I would rather spend my $$$ on. I think they could put more thought into the end product and probably make more $$$ than they are now.

Just some food for thought.

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Thanks so much for your info made in montana and you too Terri you guys have been alot of help God bless you

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