A question about bar lotion

just1morehostaDecember 11, 2009

Hi every one, I have been lurking,and have read the posting about the bar lotion, which i found to be very helpful.

My question is tis,

Can you make a lotion with out using cocoa, or shea butter,will any "butter" work?

Thank you for your help,i am so happy i found tis site.


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I don't make these but this is a start for you.

What you need is a lye calculator.

These can be found on the web, either free or purchased; I have a purchased one, try "MountainSage".

There (or anywhere else that has a lye calculator) you can put in which ever butter you'd like to use. It's personal preference really.

You'll may need a mentor, till you get the hang of superfatting etc.

Coconut and Shea butters are common favourites for those who make these bars.

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If I understand you, your goal is to make lotion bars, not soap. Assuming I am correct, there is no need for the lye calculator. And any butter you like will work. However, butters vary in texture, so that will affect the finished product. You will have to experiment a bit to see how different butters feel.

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Thank you guys, and yes, i will be making lotion,not soap.How will i know how much butter to use,do i still need the calculator?
I thought it was equal amounts of each, say,2 oz,2 oz,2 oz,plus a wax,about 5 oz.Is this right?

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No need for the calculator. I use equal parts oil, beeswax & butter, by weight. I get a pretty good result.

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Sorry a misunderstanding on my part; I read bar and immediately connected it to soap.

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