Anyone make soap for X-mas gifts?

BrentDecember 13, 2011

Just wondering if anyone here has made soap for gifts, and how did the batches turn out?

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I make MP soap for the holidays. I use EO's such as fir needle and blue spruce. I just got a great mold of stockings & xmas tree shapes. I find they come out nice and are well-received.

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This year we've made a 10 pound cold processed recipe. We've split it into 2 x 4 pound recipes and 1 x 2 pound quantities.

The first 4 pounder, we used a Coconut FO (my daughter likes it straight, no other scent with it);
the second 4 pounder, we used Spearmint EO (I don't really like the Peppermint EO);
and the last 2 pounds, we used Yuzu (if memory serves) using the last of that FO.

This time of year we like to bring some soap over to friends homes, and leave it by one of their sinks (we dont tell them) they'll know who left them. :D

It is a nice gift that is home made, and we avoid gift exchanges that way as well. Just a little something, ya know.

Peace and health your way.

Best of the holidays! (when they come).

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I used to make soap for the people at work. I would start in November and make about 75 bars. Everyone loved them, and I would give them bars when I made it for myself and my friends. Always made lye soap, and it turned out great. I would make it in several smaller batches, using recipes I'd already used before, instead of one huge batch.

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Make CP for family and friends..they love it! and not just for christmas, if I make a new scent or new batch as well send this to everybody.

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@ eahamel,

I used to have retail accounts, so we're used to making 10 pound batches at a time.
We no longer have those accounts, but we still make this size recipe.
We find that making a large(?) recipes saves us time, I measure out 5 x 10 pound oil/fat recipes in advance, so we are ready to go and have the soap sitting in our molds in less then 1 1/2 hours on soap day.
I find measuring out the oils takes too much time doing them separately, slowing down the soap making rhythm of making soap.

Best of 2012, and cheers!

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I make bath and body products every year for my coworkers. I put three products in a cello bag and tie it with a bow that coordinates with my labels.

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Homemade soap makes great Christmas gifts, whether it's M&P, or cold processed soap. I make cold processed soaps, myself. Plain bars cut from soap logs work just fine - you can wrap them in colored plastic wrap, or put them into a nice wooden box (I make my own at times). Another thing that I've done is one time I found a couple of Christmas ice cube trays made of silicone rubber (one was snowmen, the other was tiny trees), and used them as soap molds to make mini soaps for kids.

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