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blossomDecember 15, 2003

Hi all! My first post here. I am getting ready to make up my first "test" batch of bath salts, bath teas, and bath fizzies using some recipes from the luxury lane site. I say test batch because I am going to make more to sell at my community Spring festival. A friend told me she thought most of these items have a very short shelf life. Was wondering if anyone could give me any info about it. Thanks!


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It kinda depends on what you add to them, but salt is a preservative just by itself, so I'd assume bath salts would last for quite a long time depending on what you added to them, and bath fizzies will last well over a year, again, depending on what you put in them (I don't use much of these, so I have them for a long time - that's how I know). Teas would just be dried herbs and ingredients, right? I'd imagine they'd last just as long mixed together as they would in separate containers on your kitchen shelf...

I personally think you'll be way to be sure is to make up a batch and store them - worst thing that will happen is you'll have to make more right before the show (which will happen if you don't make them early too)! :-)

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Hi Blossom, I'v e never posted here before , Just found the place. But I've made goatmilk soaps and all the other bath products, for several years now, after a year of getting into the soaps and everything else I made, I decided to get out of the bath bombs, bath salts, etc. I have bath salts. made at least a year ago, they even have goatmilk powder in them, and they have not gone bad, color is still fine. and I also have lots of fizzy bath bombs still left over that are over a year old and are still fizzy. so I know they last a long time.

hope that helps you some.

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I make the bath fizzes unscented, & store them in a container. I add scent & package as I need them for shows, orders etc. I just add oil to the back side of the fizzy, let it soak in/dry, then package as usual.

Bath teas I mix up in smaller batches, & store just as a mix till just before I need them, then bag & package.


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Thanks! This helps a lot.

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