Help!......Citric Acid Powder

blossomDecember 24, 2003

Hi! I need citric acid powder to make some fizzie bath bombs. I have looked at the health food store, craft stores, and pharmacy. So far all I have found was a small bottle for $9. Where can I buy this stuff in larger quantities for less $$? Exactly what is the purpose of citric acid powder anyway? Thanks for you help!

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Hi Blossom - I've bought it at The Chemistry Store in bulk. Take a look around their site... lots of 'soap' ingredients and information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citric Acid at The Chemistry Store

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You can find it at tons of places online...wholesalesupplies plus, etc.

Purpose in real life is as a fruit preseritive-keeps fresh fruit from browning etc. Also used on the outside of things like sour babies to give them their sour taste.

In bath fizzies, when it is combined with baking soda it causes a chemical reaction which causes the fizzing.

If nothing else, do a google search for citric acid, you should get a bunch of places that carries it.

Bitter creek candle supply may have it, Lavender lane, & cranberry lane both carry it.


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Ya'll are awesome! Thanks for your help!

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