Winnie the Pooh fabric

donnar57October 8, 2011

OK, oldest daughter is blessing us with our first grandchild - - a girl - - early next year. Yes, we are excited! DD has decided on a WINNIE THE POOH theme for her nursery. So off I went to the Joann's sale today, since nursery prints were 30% off.

Nothing. Nada. None. No Winnie-the-Pooh themed fabric there at all.

So my question for you this just MY Joann's, or will I find the same if I travel 15-30 miles around San Diego County? (There are two "Super" stores - one about 25 miles away and one about 40 in Riverside County.)



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Their website shows winnie the pooh cottons, flannels, etc. A few are online only but most weren't marked that way.

Best thing to do is phone the stores and if they have it ask if they'll hold the bolts for you, then race to the store.

Cops never give speeding tickets for grandmothers racing to buy fabric for layettes! (ymmv)

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forgot to say, congrats on becoming a grandmother!

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Thanks for that info. I had checked their website and was a little puzzled by the way the fabric was marked. Think I'll call the nearer of the 2 stores, and will go up if they have some.


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There's a lot here also:

Here is a link that might be useful: Winnie the Pooh fabric

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I did winnie the pooh for my GGS 4 years ago and i found all the fabric at Joann's here in oceanside.Maybe give them a call and ask if and what they have.

If you are in San Diego,call the beverly's fabrics on Balboa,i think they are still open.

Congrats and good luck on the hunt.

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Thanks, Kathi. I called up to the Joann's in Escondido, but struck out there. Thought I'd call Oceanside and Rosecrans.

I also checked the Yardage Town in MiraMesa this morning (nada!), and Wal-Mart as well. You'd think WM's limited fabric selection would include Winnie-the-Pooh, since their baby section is loaded with baby stuff featuring that lovable old bear!


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saw some last week at the joann's i shop at near san francisco

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Wal-Mart had one that just came in -- well, two, really. One was the quilt front and the other was appropriate for the quilt backing, so I bought the quilt panel and the yardage for the back. I'll keep isn't due till February anyway.


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The Pooh fabric is with the licensed prints not with baby fabric at Joanns.

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Thanks! I had already checked both sections of our Joann's. The employees don't always put fabric back in the right place. I did find some during their Veteran's Day sale, but did not have time to wait in the cutting line. (They use a number system and were on 75 -- the number I would have pulled was "02". I would have had to wait about a half hour.)

I'll go back and see if they have any more, this weekend.


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