Where to put bedroom closets in sloped ceilings

Linda GiorgiFebruary 2, 2007

I live in a cape cod. My bedrooms are upstairs. We never dormered and our roof if sloped. We have a very small closets in but we need larger closets. Any ideas on where to put walls or closets to store our cloths? Pictures would be nice.

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How are the closets configured now? Have you taken a corner of the full height for them or are they in the kneewall section?

No pictures as it isn't finished yet, but my son's closet runs 12 feet wide, is aprx 5 feet tall at the opening and goes down in back to 3 feet, and is about 3 feet deep. He doesn't need full length hanging space, & will have plenty of room in front with space behind for containers or what not. There is also room at one end for shelving.

Also, we are putting storage behind the bathtub and in the opposite kneewall. You may want to find out if you have any similar hidden empty spaces in your house. Do you have room under the stairway? I've tried to fit storage in every nook and cranny I can. I don't know if any of these ideas would work in your home.

If you haven't already thought of under the bed storage boxes, that's a good use of space. Better than collecting dust bunnies!


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Linda Giorgi

Jillicferd = I have a portion of the clostet full height. Then it slopes down in shape of the roof. What type of doors are on your sons closet. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Any other info is welcome.

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We are going to use the bypass closet doors, will have to cut them off. The opening will be six feet wide. You could also use bi-fold doors.


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Like Jill's, our upstairs closets go from full-height at one end to about 3' tall at the other, I'd say there's maybe 3-4' of full-height section. We just have a regular swing door in the full-height part and I slide those big rubbermaid bins (which just fit lengthwise) down into the lower-ceilinged part.

I really want to box in some of the wasted space under the slanted ceilings and put in kneewall drawers. I think they're a wonderful invention and am saddened that they're so rare these days! A local unfinished-cabinetry company makes kneewall drawer units ready to be built into the wall. I definitely think it would make the "half bedroom" more salable to future owners because it would mean that there was no need to have a dresser taking up any of the small full-height space. I could fit the equivalent of a triple-width dresser in there with no problem at all, which would translate to plenty of clothing and toy storage for a child, and still leave space for a twin bed and desk. Maybe you could put something like that into your bedrooms for more clothing storage.

We do have two doghouse dormers to let light in but that's pretty much all they do, they're less than 3 feet wide so they're basically useless space, the windows are set too high for a window seat. Thankfully the roof on the back side of the house is raised so the house is more like a backwards saltbox, so one bedroom is completely full-height... but on the other hand we've had roof leaks on that side because of the lack of slope, so it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Linda Giorgi

Thanks for all the information. I hope I can help everyone oneday with information.

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Hi Lgiorgi ~~

I have a 1950 story-and-a-half with very, very little closet space. The 1/2 story up is roughly 30x12 with a staircase running up one side on the long side. While I don't have a drawing of what I'm planning on doing, I hope I can explain it clearly enough.

I am going to be turning the entire space into a mini-master suite. The closet will run lengthwise for about 15' of the space. There is a knee wall 48" tall that then slopes up to the flat area (the flat area is roughly 30" wide and then follows the same slope down the other side and into the matching 48" knee wall.

The closet will stand out from the knee wall about 36". This will give plenty of room for a bar (as long as it gets hung at the right height) for hanging as well as shelves that are deep enough to be functional.

From floor to ceiling in this area is only 6' so I am going to be custom/improvising closet doors by using 6-panel doors with the top 2-panels cut off. At this point I'm planning 3 sets of french-like opening doors with each being 5' wide.

I'm terribly sorry I'm not so good at explaining what it is that we are planning. As soon as I have it actually drawn out, I'll share it if you are interested.


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Linda Giorgi

Hi Elizabeth,
Please share all that information with me. I am very interested. You can email me also. Thats so much for the help.

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I just finished re-doing my small closet with a slanted
ceiling. The previous owners had put a hanging bar in the front with a low shelf behind in the eaves but I found myself continually pushing aside the hanging clothing to
reach folded items in the back.
I decided to change the closet design by moving everything out to the walls and leaving the center open. I built a cabinet on each side wall. The cabinets lower shelves hold my shoes and the upper cubbies are for folded clothing. I
also attached short clothing rods at the highest point of the side cabinets to hang dresses. In the eaves, there are two low hanging rods on either side of a center cabinet. I built the center cabinet out to the full depth of the eaves, so it can hold folded pants lengthwise. I also installed a wood laminate floor and track lighting.
I am a new do-it-yourselfer, but enjoyed the project. For those who don't want to tackle building a custom solution, another way to acheive a similar design would be to buy three bookcase units for the two closet sides and back, and
attach rods.
I love my new organized space!

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of slanted ceiling closet

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Hi Terri,

I love your idea for the closet space. I have the same exact area and I was wondering if you can send me more pictures to show my husband the RIGHT way to do this project. We have rods up now, but not enough space. I loved your space. It would GREATLY be appreciated if you can send me more photos of your closet. Thank you in advance.

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