Bobbin Problems

katherine_jOctober 23, 2008

I recently bought a basic Singer model (Tradition) to replace an old Singer that had bobbin problems. And what do I have again?? You guessed it. MORE bobbin problems.

I also experienced the thread winding around the post and not my empty bobbin. I had to manually wrap the thread and wind it very very slowly until the thread was on-track. (success, after 10 or 12 tries). Now my problem is halfway through winding my bobbin, the tension becomes uneven and I end up with a bird's nest. This happens despite using a cap to hold the spool in place.

I am so frustrated I am about to return the machine. Before I do, can anyone help with this problem? All suggestions greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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I've been hearing a lot of negative comments about modern Singer machines, especially the lower-priced models. I don't know where your Tradition fits into their line-up, but the word on the street is that Singer machines are simply not the quality product that they once were.


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Personally, I would take the machine back and ask them to show you what you are doing wrong, if you are doing anything wrong that is. Some places will not take a machine back.....big box store places. In that case, I would honestly invest in a Side winder - a bobbin winder that is on the market now. Yes, I bought one and I like it - I know you can wind alot of bobbins for the twenty bucks I paid but I figure when I am sewing alot and don't want to keep stopping and rethreading then this machine will do a great job. That is what I would do. Good luck.

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I also have a middle priced Singer and I had problems with the bobbin.. one of the girls at work mentioned to me that be sure to thread your thread thru the hole in the bobbin and then place the bobbin on the winder.. see if that will work for you.. it has worked for me.. and I always keep an extra bobbin wounded with thread on I do not have to stop in the middle of sewing to wind up another bobbin.. You may also want to check with whom ever you bought the machine from .. Singer does not make the sewing machine they use to.. If you still have trouble , then I would return and get your money back save up for a little better machine.. I now have three sewing machines so if one does not work I have two to fall back on..LOL
Good Luck

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