Anyone have white blackout shades?

joaniepoanieJuly 14, 2014

I am redoing the window treatments in our MB. I'm thinking of getting white blackout shades and was wondering how good they are at really blocking the light as opposed to a dark color. We get full morning sun in our bedroom and I like a room that is as dark as possible...I even put a towel over the clock just to give you an idea of how dark I like it.

I currently have panels I made with blackout liner but the fabric is too heavy and bent the rod. And I'm tired of the print as well. Would love to repaint and go in a different direction but don't think DH will go for that...we only painted a few years ago and he hates painting more than any other house project.

Room is pale gray with white furniture....will probably just get geometric or floral panels in soft gray and keep everything neutral and light.

Thanks for any information or ideas.

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Are you talking about roller shades?

We have white "blackout" roller shades in our summer cottage, because if we didn't, we'd have the sunrise BLASTING us awake every dawn.

They work fine. They are mounted inside the window surround, for maximum darkening.

I think we got them custom-cut at Lowe's.

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Sorry...I was talking about the cellular shades....

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Cellular shades are usually called room darkening because they aren't really blackout. It's almost impossible to get them so that the inside vane is perfectly flat. I got them for my home office and I was pretty disappointed. If you want a light colored shade, you are better off with the solid solar shade type.

Edit: I guess mine are silhouette shades, rather than cellular shades. When I look online, the cellular shades look like they would provide blackout if they cover the window properly. I'm glad Jane posted. Otherwise, I would have mislead you. Sorry for the confusion.

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I've had them for years. They work well. You need to ask for 'blackout' shades. Some have a foil like backing which reflects light from the shade. The more expensive still have the foil but it is covered with the same fabric as the inside. It is important to have them custom made for your windows. They must fit tighly along the edges or the light will peek through.

We moved a year ago and they were the first thing I ordered...before paint or anything else. If you can't sleep well you can't make those important decorating decisions!


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Hi Joanie, I bought these for my Florida east facing bedroom windows and they work very well. They look so much nicer than I expected and took mere minutes to put up.
It's the Honeycomb Ivory Cell Blackout ones that start at $40 something.

Here is a link that might be useful: OverS toc k

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I have had both inside mount and outside mount white cellular blackout shades. Both totally block the light coming through, but both allow light at the edges.

There is a new version with rails at the sides to block the side light.

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I have white honeycomb blackout shades and I can tell you they 100% work. The room is absolutely black even in a south facing window. (I wish I knew the name, but I had them made when I was pregnant with our first child - 16 years ago.) My husband switched them to another bedroom for baby #2 - and we are still using them in that room. I actually brought a flashlight to the custom window showroom, and it blocked out all the light. Ours are inside mounted, so there is a tiny bit of light from the sides, but not much. It is so dark in her room, that her nightlight is always on if I don't raise the blinds. They are white on both sides. During the school year I actually raise them just a bit so she has some idea that the sun has come up, because it truly would be completely dark in there. Good luck - you will LOVE them!

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Jterri---Thanks! I was looking at custom from an online store...these are definitely a lot less expensive.

Thanks all....I plan to have drapery panels on each side so hopefully that will take care of any light on the sides.

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