granite counter top seam "feel"

joeski123May 8, 2013

Just had counters installed a couple of days ago and only had one possible concern. The appearance of the seam isn't really my concern but rather the "feel" of it is.

Should I be able to feel the seam as I slide my hand across the counter? It feels both "grainy" and slightly uneven with the rest of the counter.

Any advice/experiences that any of you can share "before" I call the counter people would be greatly appreciated.

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You might want to post photos to get appropriate feedback.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, you will be able to feel a seam. Only in solid surface like Corian will a seam be virtually invisible.

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As I said, the appearance doesn't so much bother me as much as the unevenness and gritty feel do. Will the material used in filling the seam wear out over time?

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