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MoccasinFebruary 9, 2012

Ok, I am going to start this as a 2012 update on the blogs we like to frequent where we obtain inspiration. I just ran across a new one, which I decided to follow by getting email updates. Sort of like the ones I already follow because of Mama Goose and Marti and Steph and Shades have pointed me. And of course, Lavender Lass, that indefatigable blog huntress.

I think this one is a contender. Not as much finesse as Southern Hospitality or Cote De Texas, but this lady has a good use of color in her remodelling, a really simple straightforward house mostly traditional but with a twist worthy of a stylish catalog. So TAAAA DDAAAAA....

Here is a link that might be useful: ThistleWood Farm Blog

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ML- Thanks for the link! I like the part, where she's so excited about making bread. That's cute...pretty guest room makeover, too :)

"indefatigable blog huntress" LOL

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Sooooo, our blogs don't have good ideas? ROFLOL

But I know what you mean. I'll see what I have bookmarked and post here later.

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Marti, did not think of it that way, just was meaning tis a good blog, and not the same thread as OUR blogs are in.

I found another one the other day too.

But right now I'm on a "mission" to put this thought down somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.

I subscribe to DREAM HOME SOURCE, which throws up house plans. Today it had a craftsman house of...guess what size... you'd never believe it. Well, here is the skinny on it:
Craftsman House Plans
5,250 Sq. Ft.
4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
1 Half Bathrooms

Sort of disgusting if you ask me. Kick it into the corner.
You'd be cleaning all day and night with a house that size.

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I know ML, I just thought it was funny.

Good grief, I wouldn't want a house that big, unless of course I were rich, had lots of family members living with me, and a maid. Or two. And a chef. I can dream, right?

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moccasinlanding, I went to Thistlewood, and I just spent 30 minutes reading the site. It's great. Thanks for posting that link! I found a post about how to get scratches off white plates. I'm a little scared to try it (liquid Barkeeper's Friend), but I think I may have to try.

To answer your question, I follow waaay too many blogs. If any of you have a Mac, there is a program called Reeder that will take all the RSS feeds you subscribe to in Google Reader, strip out all the ads and other "icky" things (like flashing banners, canned music, etc) and reformat them so that all you see is the text and images. It's beautiful, and very efficient. Imagine having a beautiful magazine, all about decorating (in my case, anyway!), delivered to your computer every day, for free.

Of course, Reeder is also very dangerous. I can now follow about 45 blogs in less than 15 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, it looks like Thistlewood Farm does not allow people to follow with Google Reader. Sigh.

But some of my favorite blogs are:

Better After:

Between Naps on the Porch:

Jennifer Rizzo:

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