Sugar Scrub

athena143December 29, 2005

My daughter got a sugar scrub as a gift for Christmas, which made me think, I can make this! I started looking for directions and there are thousands! Gosh, where have I been!I thought I'd ask if anyone has used these and see if anyone has a favorite reciepe. What is the difference between a sugar scrub and a salt scrub?

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I have never made any scrubs, because I have dry skin and they are too coarse for me. I have friends who make them, and sugar scrubs are made with sugar, and salt scrubs are made with salt, usually dead sea salt. Brown sugar scrubs are very popular, I would find a basic recipe for a brown sugar scrub and give it a try first.

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I took your advice and tried a salt scrub. I used MMS spa-riffic reciepe, but I made a mistake and added 4 oz of m&p soap base instead of liquid soap base. When this turned lumpy I relized my mistake, I added some liquid soap base, heated the whole thing up, used my stick blender to incorporate the soap base, it turned out fine, and the oils did not seperate. I'm am very pleased. I used it in the shower and it was really a nice body polish, then of course covered myself in whipped shea butter after the shower. I scented it with citrus splash. I am giving some to my sister to test for me. I'd be very careful of these scrubs on your face, the salt would hurt your eyes.

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I made the salt glow for my daughters for xmas. It is wonderful. I use it after a shower and rinse off and my skin is so soft. Use: 1/2 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup olive oil and a few drops of fragrance. Put in a jar tightly sealed. You only need a little. I take a small spoon to use. Basically it's 2 parts salt and 1 part vegetable oil. Another is 2 c sea salt, 4 c oil (sweet almond, jojoba, sunflower, etc) and 20-30 drops eo. Stir well. I use a canning jar for mine. Brown sugar scrub is 1 c brown sugar packed, 1/4c almond oil, 1/2 t vitamin e oil and 6-8 drops of scented essential oil. Moisten hands and apply on hands, rub together and rinse. It's wonderful. I keep this in a masion jar as well and use a craft stick or spoon to take out. Makes about 1 cup. I also make lip balm, great lotion bars, soaps and moisturizers. They are all wonderful, easy to make and you save so much money. My skin is now soft every morning. Hope this helps. The salt scrub is generally only used after you shower.

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Make sure NO water gets in the jar, that includes steam and moisture from the shower. Otherwise you should be using a preservative, unless you are using this up in only a very short time.

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Thank you so much for the recipe's. They sound wonderful. How much preservative do you think I should add? I tried making bath bombs this weekend, they flopped. I guess I used to much water. I used MMS recipe where you use a spray bottle and add a little at a time. They wouldn't come out of the mold, so I shaped them by hand, they were horrible. I used one in a bath, just a blob in the tub. Plus, all that baking soda, etc. wouldn't that dry your skin out. I guess I'm rambling but anyone have any tips on these?

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b-soda doesn't dry your skin out.

This is from Brambleberry's site:

Phenonip - A liquid preservative to inhibit a full range of microbial growth in your cremes, lotions, salt scrubs, dusting powders and liquid soap bases. This preservative is more suitable than Germaben II for products that are manufactured at higher temperature ranges. Phenonip is not a formaldehyde donor. Use at a rate of .5 -1.0% of the total weight of your product.While volume vs. weight measurements vary, these measurements may help you if you don't have a scale handy:

0.1 oz. = 3 ml
3.0 ml = 2 grams

Phenonip is composed of: Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben and Propylparaben.

Here is a link that might be useful: bath fizzys

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I love Nutragena's unscented body oil. I think it's sesame. Has anyone used this in place of the olive oil?

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Dpinker1, I used your recipe for the sugar scrub, IT IS WONDERFUL!I did use a preserative. Susan, you really should try this.

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the preservative should be used at the manufacturers guide. usually .5 - 1% depending on which one you use. using too much is not a good thing. if you are making this just for you and not selling, and will use it up fairly quickly you don't need a preservative at all.

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I guess i don't understand the preservative. Where do you buy it at, what does the .5-1% mean and how do you know if you get too much? I want to make the sugar scrubs.

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I have found that any skin-safe oil can be mixed with sugar to make a simple scrub. You need just enough oil to coat the sugar. I use about 1/4 cup oil to 2/3 cup sugar. I do not use a preservative, as I am making small quantities for personal use.

For a creamier scrub, try this;
1 cup brown sugar
2 oz (wt.) shea butter, 1 oz (wt) jojoba or other skin-safe oil & 1/2 oz (wt.)beeswax.
Melt the oil, wax & butter at lowest possible heat. Pour over sugar, in a large bowl. Mix until smooth. Store in watertight containers. Allow to set overnight before first use.

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Does anyone know of any natural preservatives I can use in my body oils and scrubs? I plan on selling them and don't want them to go rancid nor grow bacteria. Can you pls help me?

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I am not an expert, but here are a couple of ideas. I use jojoba oil, because it has a long shelf life. This reduces the need for preservatives. The one additive I use is vitamin E oil. I don't know what quantities you are making. Do you make products to sell, or are they for your personal use?

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I am starting a new website I am looking for someone who is passionate for making sugar soaps and sugar scrubs.

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