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gwbr54February 15, 2011

Lavendar_Lass - you've been so helpful in enlarging and posting photos for people. I'm hoping that you will share your knowledge. I know how to insert the html code to see images in the body of my message. But I'm not very successful in enlarging images. For example, if I click on katrina_ellen's photos, save, and upload to tinypic using 15-in. monitor choice, I still don't get a very large image. I've noticed this a few times, and have no idea what (or how many things) I'm doing wrong.

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With Katrina's photos, when I tried to save them as a regular picture in my picture file (before going to photobucket) they came out all distorted.

So, I went back and clicked on the edit (I think) and went down to distort. Then it came up with a larger photo...and at the bottom, it said save to I clicked on that, and it went right to my acccount. I don't know if that would work with tinypic. Best of luck with the photos :)

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Katrina's photos were that big on photobucket though.

You can enlarge photos, but the bigger you make them, the fuzzier they will get. Once you download the picture to your computer, open it in paint (if you have Windows) and click on Image, then Stretch/Skew and change the % amount in both Horizontal and Vertical. Probably shouldn't change it more than 200% though. You can do the same thing in photobucket, and whatever photo software program you have.

There's a fairly small picture on this thread on the Decorating Forum.

Here's the picture

And here it is enlarged in paint 200%

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I changed the size of a photo using my camera software, and that worked, so thank you both!

I also have Adobe Photoshop. I love and am really pretty good at Adobe InDesign, but I have never gotten the hang of PS. Is there something about 'sampling' an image to limit graininess on enlarging a photo?

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Hi, I upload my pictures to and then get the html code to paste into my GWeb posts. I have huge photos anyway, and I don't enlarge. I believe you can go to your GWeb account and make some choices there about the size of photos you want to upload.

There is also a forum to "test" things, and the GW monitor will help when you state your problem. I know some folks put up thumbnails and then you can click on it and it gets bigger. I just toddle along doing my thing and never worry about the other options, don't cha kno. If I learned how to do it today, they'd change it tomorrow. :)

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> Is there something about 'sampling' an image to limit graininess on enlarging a photo?

There are different upsampling algorithms at the bottom of the image size dialog box, but the simple fact of the matter is that no matter what you choose (bicubic sharper, etc) if you want additional pixels, PS has to get them from somewhere and so it just makes them up. Now it's gotten better at that in recent years, but added pixels will always be much softer than real ones. That's just how it is.

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