LOOKING for: Alexander The Great bread recipe

Terry AlexanderNovember 7, 2001

I am looking for the bread recipe that launched an achient Army across mountians and valleys. An Army that was never defeated. Can anyone help... Thank's.

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That is the same as what has been discussed as "Hunza Bread," which incidentally has nothing to do with the Hunzas.

Scroll down and find almost any of the Hunza Bread topics, and there is a recipe.

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Be sure you don't confuse the Hungarian "Hunza Bread" recipe with the "Hunza Diet Bread" recipe, which is the one attributed to the descendants of Alexander's army (apochryphal, probably). The Hungarian recipe is a yeast bread with raisins, the "real" Hunza recipe is unleavened and calls for whole-grain buckwheat or millet flour.

I suspect that the key ingredient is the water. Called in some recipes "glacial milk," it means water very heavy with minerals (glaciers grind up rocks very finely and it makes the water milky in color). If you can find ionic liquid minerals at your health food store or through a natural supplement distributor, I would suggest substituting a portion of the water with the liquid minerals. That gives you the nutrition you need to reduce (at least in part) the hunger pangs that result from a lack of nutrients in most of our food.

Haven't made the Hunza Diet Bread yet so I can't vouch for the results, but it looks reasonable. The recipe is posted in a message by "Jamers" and dated April 15, 2001, at the Recipe Exchange (hope the link works, I've not used this system before!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe Exchange

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I got an e-mail ad from a Swedish sender requesting $20 USD in cash,for this 'miraculous' recipe. No registered mail allowed, untraceable, an obvious scam. The email address was mcmath2@juno.com. Fair warning,

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