Soap Scent Combinations

CraftyGirl75December 10, 2002

Hey everyone-

I've decided to do a new thread about combos.

If anyone has tried some combinations and they worked out, post them here.

I'm curious about what scents I can combine to creat new good scents.

I know Jill said she posted under another thread about scent combos, but I couldn't find it.



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Ooooohhh, oooooohhhh, oooooohhhhhh - this is a GREAT idea, Heather!!!!!! This will be very handy for us newbies!!! Thanks!

Susan....who'll be watching this thread very closely!

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Hi Heather!

I just posted that I was curious about scent combos too. I see them a lot in different recipes, but could also use some guidance in how to mix them too.


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Hi guys, well i have done some scent combinations, and so far so good, the main ones i have blended are the oatmeal and a honey almond, and mmmm what a nice fragrance. I have also blended a few others, and i just do it a few drops at a time, starting with a one to one, and then just keep adding a drop at a time until i get the scent i like, i wish i could explain it better, but i had to learn by trial and error, and found that to be the easist way, just make sure that you use the same kind of oil, meaning don't blend an essential oil with a fragrance oil. I hope this helps a bit!

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Lavender & vanilla (I called it LaVanilla). Just remember that the vanilla will darken with age, so if you color the soap the color will change.


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Hi All - Soap Wizards has some great sounding scents on sale this month. Names like "Relaxation, Bathe your Stress Away." But about combining, they also have a scent called "Champagne" & recommend combining it with "Strawberry" 1 to 1. Both are also on sale. Just an idea for a New Year's Eve bubblebath for 2!!!! Sandra

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Here are some from the books I have (duh):

Air Bar: 5 drops Bergamot, 10 drops lemon
Water Bar: 5 drops bergamot, 10 drops ylang ylang
Fire Bar: 5 drops cinnamon, 5 drops ginger
Earth Bar: 10 drops pine, 5 drops sandalwood, 5 drops patchouli
Uplifting: 10 drops melon, 5 drops lavender, 5 drops peppermint
Honey Soap: 10 drops honey, 5 drops honeysuckle, 5 drops lavender
Tropical Calming: 5 drops coconut, 10 drops ylang ylang, 5 drops vanilla
White Scent: 5 drops peppermint, 5 drops lavender, 5 drops lily of the valley
Delicate Gentle: 5 drops rose, 5 drops baby powder
Sea Mist: 20 drops bergamot, 10 drops mandarin
10 drops peppermint
Green Tea: 30 drops jasmine, 15 drops ginger

Other Suggestions:

20-Vanilla & 15-Cinnamon
10-Honey & 8-Sandalwood
15-Orange & 20-Pink grapefruit
5-Rose, 3-Pine, 3-Lemon, 5-Orange
5-lavender, 5-lime

Hope this gives everyone some ideas


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Hi Heather!

Thanks for posting these. I saved them for future reference. Were you the person that mentioned a Melt & Pour Soap Book by Marie B--(can't remember)? I looked it up on-line at my county library and someone has it checked out...that means there's ANOTHER M&P soaper in the county somewhere. LOL Anyway, I've got the book on hold when it gets returned. Can't wait!

Jill...who's too cheap to go buy the book herself!

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Came across this while searching for some mold info.

Testing Scent Blends. Dip ends of cotton swab into each scent: for a 1:1blend - dip one end in each fragrance. Or try a toothpick! You can mark off quarters and then a 2:1 blend could be done by dipping one end into 1st scent to the 2nd mark, the other end dipped to the 1st mark. Store these a few days in a labeled plastic bag and check the scent periodically to see if either scent will fade quickly and loose the desired scent


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One of my favorite ones is ginger lime. It's pre-mixed but you could probably combine the ginger and the lime yourself. Orange and lemongrass was really nice too.

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Bumping this back up so it doesn't fall off. Anyone found anything new and interesting?

Does anyone have a combo to make a metal scent? Wood?


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Metal? Why do you want something to smell like metal??

I mix sandalwood and cedarwood for a really nice woody smell (more cedar than sandalwood; cheaper this way!)

Also, I have a blend I really like of lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus.

Lavender blends with tons of things: citrus scents, mints, vanilla, other florals

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They are used as scents in Feng Shui. There are 5 properties-wood, metal, eath, water & fire.
Do a search & you can find companies that make them. I carry soap on my web site made with the fire, water, metal & earth scents, (I didn't like wood, so I don't carry it.)
so I know it's out there.


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I did a search before posting. Only found a couple of sites. Where do you get your scents Hazel? Do you pay like $13.00 an ounce? That's what the prices seemed to be. Have to broaden my search maybe.


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No, but I buy wholesale, either 8 or 16 oz at a time.


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Have you guys seen this site?

Here is a link that might be useful: Soap Nuts Scent Blends

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Some blends some might find interesting:

Berries &Cream - Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, butterceam, Vanilla fos

Cassada Cake

Eden - jasmine and rose, apples and plum spice, sugar plum berry fos.

Angels. Baby Powder, Gardenia, Orange, Vanilla and Mango.

fantasy Island: almond, coconut, vanilla and chocolate.

lemon Âpie FO, LEMON ZEST, BROWN SUGAR, WEDDING CAKE, vanilla, buttercream rose fos

Raspberry Chambord
7 blueberry, 5 grape, 6 peach 15 raspberry, 10 honey, 15 cake, 4 real orange rum liqueur, 2 orange, 2 lemon, 5 butter cream

Lily & Mango - mango and lily of the valley.

Mandarin & Mango - mango and orange.

Orange and Cinnamon

Orange Biscotti : orange, vanilla, and butterscotch.

Orangesicle - orange cream, and vanilla.

Pears and Apples

Pineapple Sugar - pineapple and brown sugar fo

Raspberry Ice - Raspberry and mints

fruitCrush - apple, peach, plum, raspberry, and lemon.


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there is a website with 200 scents to mix and match creating custom lotion, soaps and other bath and body products. check out

Here is a link that might be useful:

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1) Lavender, eucalyptus & spearmint (3:1:1) makes a great blend.

2)Honey & spearmint are nice together. I'm still fiddling with the proportions on this one.

3)I've tried apple & cedar (1:1) in candles and it's pretty nice. I haven't tried it in soap yet.

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What a great post!
Ive done Lavender & Nag Champa as well as Orange Sandalwood!

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I highly recommend the lavendar and vanilla. I have used that combo for years and everyone loves it!

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