LOOKING for: diverticulosis

tomato44November 21, 2000

Help! does anyone have some good tasting recipes for diverticulosis. I am so tired of eating plain food. ughhhh

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Larkie Martin

My Mama has this also..She only has to restrict mostly nuts. She can eat almost anything else. Pretty easy as far as diet goes.

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Ginger - St Thomas

I have it but it very rarely flares up. Other things to avoid are seeds (and in some people that includes tomato, cucumber & poppy seeds) as well as sesame seeds & nuts. What's recommended is fiber rich foods except during periods of flare-ups when low-fiber, blander food is required. Only you can say what doesn't agree with you but bland is definitely not necessary.

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I had this for a long time, until I started taking calcium tablets for other reasons, and noticed the diverticulosis had stopped. I later have discovered that calcium is very good for this and never miss taking it now and never have the awful diverticulosis attacks. It worked for me.

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there is a website for Specified Carbohydrate Diet on the web. It covers a lot of colon problems. You may find help there, I did, after yrs. of suffering. Lots of luck.

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I've been diagnosed with this and was told not to eat certain things, but how do you know when you eat something that is bad for this condition? What kind of pain do you have with a flare up?

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