I can't find citric acid for the bath bombs...help

wanda_illinoisDecember 9, 2003

I wanted to make a handful of the bath fizzies, but I can't find the citric acid at the pharmacy. Anyone know where this can be purchased besides ordering off the internet? I really don't have time for that. Just wanted to make a few for stocking stuffers. Someone posted that it is expensive to buy at the pharmacy, like what $ amount are we talking about? The recipe don't really call for that much. I checked Walgreens and Walmart pharmacy.

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I got some at a health food store since I ran out before my order arrived from. Can't remember how much it was but less then 5.00.

I just went in & asked for citric acid.


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Thanks Hazel. I will check there. Wanda

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I buy mine via a local shop for home brewers / winemakers. It's cheaper than the soapmaking supplies. They have both coarse granules and powder. I live in the UK so I'm sorry but can't help those in the US!

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If you know someone who owns a bakery they also can order large bags of it, & may be willing to sell a pound or two at a time.


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