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kebleilDecember 15, 2006

I am interested in making lotion bars - saw them at a craft show recently and just love them! I've looked around the internet for good prices on molds, ingredients, and EOs and FOs - but my mind is awhirl with all the information. Who are the best/cheapest suppliers of these basic ingredients - anyone out there willing to give me a step up on this?

Kandy in MO

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The two places I like to get my oils and butters from are Oregon Trails Soap Supply and Brambleberry.

But probably best to find a supplier close to you.

Majestic Mountain Sage and Snowdrift are two other places.

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I also get my supplies from BrambleBerry although I am an East-coaster. I like to put my bars into deodorant tubes, which I buy on eBay. Since things are being shipped, it's probably good to look for oils with long shelf lives and order in cooler weather.
If you want to make your bars in molds, my favorites are silicone baking molds. They come in a variety of shapes, you can get them at local stores and it is easy to pop your bars out.

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