brother sewing machine

luvmypetsOctober 26, 2007

I bought the brother 2600XL worked beautifully. After a few months went by I decided to sew again. Now it is not working properly. My stiches are skipping. When I use a test piece of fabric, fine, go to project and not so fine. Time for a new one, maybe upgrade?? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Have you rethreaded it top and bottom (bobbin) and cleaned the lint out in the bobbin area? Also changed the needle? Is the fabric scrap the same weight as the project. Those things could be causing the skipped stitches.

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In addition to what Susan said; is the new needle appropriate for the fabric?
If you are sewing a knit, you need a ballpoint needle. You need a smaller needle (60 or 70) for fine fabrics and a heavier needle for heavier fabrics.

The most common cause of skipped stitches is a dull needle. I change mine out every new project.

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