LOOKING for: Gluten Free Recipes

mstrudumsNovember 24, 2004

Due to celiac disease, I need to eat gluten free foods. If anyone has recipes for this problem, could we get a thread going?



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Hi Trudy. If you go to the search function at the top of the of the page, then type in gluten, gluten-free, or gluten free, it should bring up quite a few threads that have already been started by this.
Also, on the internet, use Google as a search engine, and type in the same thing, and there are tons of sites. HOpe this helps.


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There's TONS of things that are gluten free - or nearly. How gluten free do you need to be? Throw out your spices and dry your own GF? Or Rice Crispies are OK sorta GF?

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There is a new webpage about being wheatfree - would that help you? It is called http://wheatfreeamerica.com/ I found a few recipes there and lots of links. Hope this information is useful.

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Celiac.com has a lot of places that are for gluten free. Lots of recipes are on line, so no use putting them here. Type in gluten free, or celiac recipes in your search window and you will find what you are looking for.

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My daughter has severe celiac (meaning fresh everything, no extracts, no soy sauce, wort sauce etc.) I think there's a cookbook by Bette Hagman that has tons of receipes. But I can't remember the name of her favorite cookbook. Luckily she lives in LA which has several specialty food stores that cater to gluten free diets. Gluten is in wheat, barley, rye and anything made from those items. It's not just wheat. She can't drink soft drinks or any fast food. Before she was diagnosed many people thought she was anorexic or bulimic. She weighed in at about 110 but she's 5'11". She had dark circles under her eyes. I can't believe how much better she looks now and she's a much healthier weight now. Going to restaurants has been her biggest challenge. She usually just orders a salad - no croutons - and brings her own dressing.

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I have created a website containing my family's favourite gluten-free baking recipes:


I hope you enjoy it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Gluten-Free Living

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