I won't be posting here next year.........

Hazel_SCDecember 13, 2004

I thought I'd post this now since it appears this board isn't visited as often by most folks anymore.

When my membership is up at the end of the year i won't be renewing it.

For those that may want/need to ask questions feel free to grab my email info, or ebay info. I'll be more than happy to answer questions or help out as I can.

I will most likely still lurk around occasionally, but just can't justify renewing my membership as slow as it is.

I'll still be around for a few weeks, just wanted to give an early heads up.


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I sure will miss you, Hazel, but I understand. The computer help forum is my main forum- that's where I started reading and posting many years ago and have gradually started reading other forums. This forum is now a lost cause, I believe. I don't even check here every day anymore, sometimes just once a week. (Still go to the computer forum several times a day.)

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and Happy Soaping!!


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Sorry to hear you are not going to post anymore. Will miss you. It is a very quiet forum.
I still like making soap, although there is not much market for selling it. It makes nice family gifts and you can make it as you like it. Shapes, colors, scents. I stocked up on the last sale at Wholesale soap. So I should be fine for the year.
Nice thing, it does not spoil, you can always use it, great for gift giving. My grand daughters like it, so with 10 girls, I have my own little market for it.
Happy New Year

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