wicks, and ect.

andie402November 25, 2005

I have more questions on candle making. I want to make some container candles. I didn't know there was a difference in wicks other than size till I already had purchased my wicks. I bought the braided wick. Upon reading the instructions, it said the braided was for pillars. Can I still use it in the jars? What is the difference? Does the wax need to be heated to a certain degree or just till melted? Then do I just add my fragrance and dye. What do you use to anchor the metal tab

with the wick to the bottom of the jar?

I bought my fragrances from bittercreek. Got it in just a few days. wow!

Thanks to all those who answered my previous post. And any info on this post will be greatly appreciated. Andie

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I always purchased the wick in the size recommended for the jars I was using. I always relied on the information on the website I was purchasing from. The wick size is determined by the size of the jar opening. Wicks made for container candles come with a tab on the bottom of them; you use hot glue to glue the tab to the bottom of the jar. Wicks for container candles are also self-supporting (meaning they stand alone in the empty jar). I doubt that you will be able to use the braided wick. I always used zinc core wicks. As for the wax melting, the temperature varies by brand of wax. I use Honeywell J223 and you melt it and add your fragrance oils and coloring at 180 degrees. You pour the wax at 150 degrees. These temperatures vary by type and brand of wax. Go back to Bittercreek and read the information on your wax; there you should find the temperature to melt to and etc. As for the wicks, look for pre-tabbed zinc core wicks that are recommended for the size jars you will be using. If you need help, tell me what size jars you are using and how big the opening (mouth) of the jar is, and I will look and let you know what size you need.

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Hi Again, Andie...What jar are you trying to wick? And I'm assuming this is with the Ecosoya, correct?
Are you dyeing your candles as well?

In soy or soy based waxes, I've found that cotton core or HTP wicks are the best.
But others like LX or CD wicks.
It's a personal preference, but I can give you some starting points.
BC, has many of the wicks I'm talking about.

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