Mis-quoted on Granite. (grumble)

Kek10May 1, 2013

Just got a call from our KD. It seems our granite quote came in, and it's 100% higher than our allowance!

Our allowance is for level A. We found one that the granite rep told us was level B - and we were OK with that. The rep went on about how she was so surprised it was a B, since it's such a great granite, she would have thought higher. Well, apparently it's actually a level *E* which doubles the price. KD is calling the granite people to discuss.

Can't wait to see what happens - I'm sure we'll be headed back to the granite yard to look again.

Demo starts on Monday - so this is probably only the beginning of our "challenges!"

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Oh no!! I'm so sorry!!

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oh how disappointing! I hope it works out

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That's awful...I hope it gets straightened out for you soon.

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So sorry to hear that you chose something based on one set of "facts" and then found out the price was MUCH higher than quoted. I hope this was an honest mistake, but I'd be careful not to pay anything more than level B for this stone, just so you don't support that kind of "switching". Had you put a deposit, or gotten a receipt that showed the price?

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This exact thing happened to us. We picked out a granite that the slab yard said was in the level 2 (second cheapest) but the quote we got back was more like in the exotic range. It was super annoying. We ended up going back out to look at more granite even though we loved that first slab and we found something much closer to our price range that we really like. I really do not like the granite pricing system. It should be more up front than it is if only just to save time.

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So sorry this happened to you. Hope everything works out for you.

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Well the GC's assistant talked to them. They fully admit they told us it was level B - but there was a miscommunication at the granite yard, it's a much higher level.

And they say they "have to" charge us Level E because it's such a huge price difference.

They will not be seeing a dime from us, if they don't want to honor the pricing we were given we will be taking our business elsewhere. (Unless Dh decides he'll pay - he is completely IN LOVE with this stone!)

GC is going to call them and see if he can finagle anything.


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Disappointing, but come on. If it's a Level E, you pay a Level E. So someone made a mistake at the yard. Things like this happen all the time. You didn't purchase something yet or have it installed, and then have them coming back for more money after the fact when you were stuck. You have a quote now. If you think it was some sort ot bait and switch they'd hoped would go unnoticed, well then, steer clear.

One issue that came up here recently was a builder putting higher levels on the stones than they actually were. So a Level 3 was actually a Level 1 if you purchased it elsewhere. That might be something to check out. Confirm elsewhere what this stone sells for.

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Just wanted to update this with good news. The granite yard is going to honor the pricing they originally gave us! It sounds like the KD had been having other problems with them as well, so we may have benefitted from that. Such a relief.

The KD said, we are getting "the Deal of the Century" on this granite. YAH!

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That's awesome. Dying to see a pic of this gorgeous granite

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Well 35ftcabo, since you asked... ;) Here's slab #1 - blob will be on the island.

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And here's slab #2. Sorry the pics aren't great, iPhone in a granite yard!

I really need to pick a backsplash!!

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That's gorgeous! Good for you getting the original quoted price. I wouldn't worry about a backsplash until your counter and cabs are installed.

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Do you remember what the name of the color was? We chose one that looks awfully similar to yours...it was called Niagara Gold, came from Italy and was a price range one up from the base price (call it B or 2). Just curious now!

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