RECIPE: low-carb or no-carb recipes

ElsMaMaNovember 14, 2002

A co-worker is on the Atkins diet and has a hard time with staying away from sweets and snacks. Does anyone have snack or dessert recipes I can share with her??

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Surprised there are no follow-ups for such a long time! So, if you are still looking...

The Atkins web site has recipies and there are several very good low-carb cookbooks on the market with lots of good snacks. Also, low-carb is becoming so popular that you can find all kinds of very sweet tasting low-carb bars in many major drug stores and supermarkets. The Atkins and the website has a whole section on snacks that can be ordered on-line.

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There are wonderful Russle Stover candies with less than 1 carb per piece. That helps a lot...
And suger free jello, whipped with powdered egg white equal to one egg....with either sour cream or whipped cream added.
Linda C

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I think I figured that a single Hershey's Kiss is 2.4 carbs and I'll have to check out those Russell Stover candies. Thanks, Linda. I've actually make some of the no carb chocolates posted on but the real stuff is soooo much better. And tell your friend to check out the health food bars. There are small, snack size chocolate bars with as little 2 net carbs.

For dessert, I like the sugar free puddings. And I often mix up this one from The South Beach Diet.

1/2 c. ricotta part-skim ricotta cheese
1/4 t. vanilla
1-2 pkts Splenda

You can add cocoa for flavor or substitute almond extract and add some almond slivers.


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