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pepfun1November 7, 2009

I'm sorry for my ignorance. I'm doing research before I delve into the HUGE world of soap making. There are many reasons behind my decision to want to make it and I'm trying to educate myself first.

Here is my question (please bear with my ignorance as stated): Aren't MP bases just CP or HP soap? That is, the base is a 'basic soap' made by the CP or HP process before it reaches the MP soaper to 'alter' to suite there needs/wants? And isn't MP just kind of a 'hand-milled' product of a CP or HP base? (please be kind I am truely vexed by this). Thanks for any and all responses.


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Hello Pepfun1,

The MP (melt and pour) base is glycerin.
Glycerin is derived from soap.
Soap is made from using lye(sodium hydroxide, or for soft soap, potassium hydroxide) and mixed with fats and oils.

I haven't researched this part, but this is my understanding of how glycerin is obtained.
The large manufactures of soap pull off the glycerin, using salt. This is your melt and pour base.

Cold processed soap contains about 5 or 7% glycerin.


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To clarify, MP is, chemically soap. That is to say that lye is used in manufacturing it. But it has a very high glycerin content (about 20%)and no animal fats.

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