recipe: looking for: help with dad's diet

LeJaneNovember 2, 2002

My dad is diabetic, and also has high blood pressure and heart problems, so he has to follow a diet that is low in sugar, salt, saturated fat AND carbohydrates! He simply will not cook, beyond warming up prepackaged stuff. (I can't cook for him because I live hundreds of miles away). Does anyone know of convenience foods that meet all these criteria? He says he can find plenty of stuff that is, say low in fat and salt, but loaded with carbs. Thank you for any suggestions. Le Jane

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Some of the vegetarian book have great receipes. If he refuses to cook, is there someone, a friend, church member, etc that will cook meals and freeze them Convenience foods are loaded with even fat/salt, because of preserving them Some health food stores have foods that all you do is microwave and eat, but again these are loaded with many of the items he cannot eat. If he lives by himself, maybe he could consider a assisted care home--that is where he would be given meals prepared by a dietian to the dr's specification. Could/would he relocate to a care home near you?
This is not fair to your family either.

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I agree somewhat with MarieMD in the in home help. You shouldn't be expected to take care of his meals though. You're being a good daughter in trying to help him, but it usually doesn't stop them from eating what they want. I've seen in experience from two family members (one lost his foot and the other doesn't have good use of his feet or hands). You need to make it known the rsks of not following a DIABETIC DIET and letting them know that you want them to follow their diet in order to be around for you. It may be hard to find a diet, but what they need to do is invest a bit of money in a nutritionist to help them.

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Thanks MarieND, ElsMaMa,
I somehow seem to have given the impression that my Dad wont follow a diet. Actually, he is very good about trying to stick to a low fat, low carb, etc diet, and has his diabetes well under control at this point. The problem is that he gets tired of his extremely limited diet, and who can blame him. I'm just trying to help him find some other things he can eat. Since he is 70, and male, he just isn't willing to learn how to cook complicated dishes. He makes stir fry, and simple soup and stew dishes, for example. I just thought that maybe there were some microwaveable dinners that would fit his diet. Given the large number of older folks with these problems, you'd think some bright boy would be marketing to them. Thanks again! Le Jane

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Saw you message while on my own search for help w/husbands limited diet which is similar to your Dads. Have always been a cook from scratch family but all changing now.

Just recently discovered after much label reading that Healthy Choice products, both frozen meals and canned items are well marked for 'exchanges', total carbs, etc.. Many Weight Watchers meals are also tasty. Though not mainly labeled for diabetics those two brands have similar limits. It's also giving us an easy education in types of food and amounts that are appropriate to duplicate on our own. Easier than constantly refering to all the written material we have had provided by the hospital. Please e-mail us directly if you come up w/additional tips that are working for your Dad.

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I, too am interested in frozen meals for someone with diet restrictions: no salt, no cholesterol, no dairy. The grocery store frozen meals are full of sodium, at least the ones I've examined.


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