Bill the Junkman - amazing stuff!

desertstephFebruary 28, 2012

I caught part of a show with a guy showing how to survive if electricity goes off... how to cook a turkey outside, run a gas generator from sawdust or the septic tank.

Things to have on hand to reuse rather than toss.

the show came on again on another channel so now I'm watching the whole segment with him on it.

It'll rerun tonight about 10pm (mtn time).

He lives off grid normally.

I read something recently about special meters they put in that can cause medical problems for people. The new meters allow them to control your electricity... I figured that was coming but surprised it's here already. Not surprised that it is causes problems and they put 'em in anyway.

I hope this guy puts this all in a book - or someone else has already done that.

he's on the Jim Bakker show on a church channel if you get them. TCT now and the same channel tonight I think.

i need to look up what a yurd is. maybe not spelled like that.

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it's yucky.

he had to be saying 'yurt'. a dwelling place. he tells how to make one (basic) and use for it.

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Yeah, a yurt. I read about those things when I was thinking inexpensive and basic, because I had no money.

Steph, if you want to read about this sort of thing on a regular basis, get a copy of Mother Jones Monthly. Try this online site shown below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mother Jones

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