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LibbyLizNovember 16, 2003

After so many years of having scents scattered throughout the house I've decided to put them in their respective places.

It only seems natural to get baking/food scents out of the bathroom & bedrooms, & put them where they belong, in the dining room & kitchen.

I'm going to keep floral & fresh scents in the bathroom & floral & woodsy scents in the master bedroom.

What to put in the living room, the computer/craft room, & our teen son's bedroom is one dilemma.

Our son likes berry & rain/ocean scents. I don't know what to do with that combo.

And I figured coffee scents could be used in the living room on the coffee table no less. LOL But what about cookie, cake, & bread scents there too?

Then there's the question about what scents can be burned together in each room for an overall blend?

Can anyone help me with this big dilemma?

Many thanks in advance for any/all answers...!

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I'll try to help..LOL. In my living room, I use whatever scent I like, as long as it isn't a "kitchen" scent. My son likes the woodsy scents in his room, but sometimes he switches up. Since it is his bedroom, I let him use whatever he wants. As for blending, it is mostly a matter of thought and smelling. Most florals will blend nicely together. What I do is sit the candles (unlit) side by side and just stand back from them a bit (but still close enough to smell them) and see how they smell together. Most "green" fragrances (pines, etc.) will blend very well with florals and berry fragrances. Vanilla blends well with a lot of florals and other scents, but it must be a light vanilla, and my candles are a strong vanilla which overpowers the other fragrance. Vanilla should be the background fragrance when burning in combination. I hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

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"Green" scents go good with berry?! Who 'da thunk it. I can understand mixing such with floral. Wow. I don't know if I'd like that though. I'm not much for forest scents & definitely not for berry, though my hubby likes the former & our son likes the latter.

French Vanilla won't work for blending with florals, bakery, etc.? I like my vanilla heavy. :-(

Thanks for this info., but I need more ideas! :-D

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French Vanilla would not be a very good blend with a floral, simply because it would be too overpowering. A light vanilla will blend with some florals such as rose (creates a baby powder scent), but the heavy vanilla's are limited with florals. However, with bakery or kitchen scents (such as cappuccino or cinnamon), french vanilla would blend well. Off hand, I cannot think of any floral that I have that would blend with french vanilla. Hope this helps some more.
P.S. Yes, the "green" smells (ivy, pine, balsam, etc.) blend very well with berries.

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