Soap mold

Linda_eNovember 4, 2003

Not long ago while searching something on the 'net, I found a soap mold I should've ordered right on the spot, but I didn't. I failed to bookmark the site too and now can't find it. The mold, a tray mold with 6 cavities I believe, has a basket weave design on the bottom. Have any of you seen this soap mold or know where I can find it? Thanks! I've tried everything I can think of from Google to Dog Pile, but no luck.

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I have seen such a mold, and since the only mold places I look at are Milky Way and Chase, maybe you should try there. Both have websites.

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Try Bramble Berry and WSP. I know they have molds. Gosh there are tons out there but I think I've seen something like that at BB.


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