Anyone know how to make the clear Glycerin Soap Base

wrendoraNovember 9, 2005

I'm new to this board, so please forgive my ignorance.

I love to make Soaps and i love use clear glycerin soaps. However the price is around $3.00 lb and then the cost of shipping. anyone have a recipe how to make the clear soaps. I know it is like making CP soap which i am familiar with but that is it. What i'm looking for is clear soap, not that amber transparance soap.

I would love links, email, or anything that will help me achieve my gold. Please email me at

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Hi Wrendora,

I applaud your goal to master transparent soapmaking. It's a challenge for seasoned soapmakers.

You'll need to be proficient in hot process soapmaking first. Try this website:

Here's a good tutorial on the transparent soapmaking:

I've learned I'm happy to pay $3 per pound (actually, more like $1.75 per pound since I buy in bulk) since I can't seem to get the technique right! There's always some portion of soap that refuses to melt properly, and I've never achieved a smooth mixture. I stick to cold process, regular hot process and some M&P for fun.

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Well, I found a recipe like that yesterday and i tried it. I used my first batch of left over Olive oil CP soap i made and i got the same resolutes as the article. To which i thought i did something wrong. I didnt want a amber colored clear soap. What i want is the clear melt and pour base. I will use this stuff if it safe for my skin when i need to scent thing with chocolate or dark brown scents.

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It is not worth it!!! I hae tried so many times and finally mastered and it is still not worth it... Pay the money! I use it for chunks in my soap..Its worht the price..try Better Bee of Greenwich NY they have an online site and will send you a mail order catalogue...

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Even though you feel it is not worth making. Please can you tell me how to make the clear glycerin soap that the sell as Melt and pour. I will be making it large batches for the soap store i want to open soon. and i have spent over 15 hours looking online for somthing and i find is what to do with the MP after you purchase it from someone else

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I don't think this is too easy to make. See the site below for some info. The second site sells in huge quantities, the clear and shipping is based on the weight.

I did find this info. for you. Looks complicated. Let us know how you do.

"You can also make clear soap from scratch. This method involves all the aspects of cold process soapmaking, but takes it a few steps further by adding alcohol for clarity and a glycerin and sugar mix to suspend and enhance the clarity. It is a dangerous process because of the alcohol vapors. If you wish to make clear soap (which will not melt down like melt and pour  itÂs one pour only soap), please read "Transparent Soapmaking" by Catherine Failor. This is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to make clear soap from scratch".

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Great! Thank you. First time it tried this I went to the drug store and purchased 91% alcohol. Recipe said that you can get 90% at the drug store in some states. It said "use rubbing alcohol." It meant to say DON'T use rubbing alcohol. It meant use 90% Ethanol which is the same as moonshine. And I believe is illegal in most states. Now I found a recipe that calls for 70% Ethanol which is 140 proof.

I did get a transparent soap from this rubbing alcohol though it was a very dark amber color but I could see right though it. I continued to cook the soap, and cook the soap and stirred and stirred hoping it would come clear. But when I made it opaque again I gave up.

I order a gallon of coconut oil and 32oz of Castor oil (Yum, Yum) and when these come I will try the recipe. I will post my results here.

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Hello wrendora
I was just wanting to ask , and see if you found one that you could use as melt and pour . I have not been able to find the right one yet . Thanks

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Hi Wrendora, I am also searching for a recipe for Clear Glycerin base. It isnt difficult to make! I have a friend who runs a soap business and she wont even sell me the recipe, but tells me it takes 6 hours to make and isnt difficult. If you find a recipe, please let me know.

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I actually have a few recipes at home. I could post it here later tonight. Its not hard. Not hard at all. And simple ingrients. Sugar, glycerin, Everclear. The thing that i have a hard getting is everclear. ITs 22 dollars for .75 litter bottle in my state.

I can not afford to make it here. In other states Ethanol is easy to come by and cheap.

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Hi Wrendora, I make soaps and I'm looking for a more cost efficient way to do so. As you have previously and successfully; I'm searching for an recipe to make clear glycerin base as well. When you have a chance, could you post the recipe.

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Ok Here is a good link:
The recipe is on that page. You need to know how to make CP/HP soap before even attempting this

I recommend everyone getting this book:
Making Transparent Soap by Catherine Failor

Note: Homemade transparent soap is different from M&P, if you try to melt it again, it will loose its transparency. Also anywhere they say alcohol they mean ethanol. You can NOT use rubbing alcohol.

Make this recipe at your own risk. No is responsible for this but yourself

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Does anyone know how to make that glycerine soap base with exact quantities of all the ingridients? I need it for my school project, we're supposed to make heart-shaped soaps for Valentine's Day.. I just cannot find the right recipe, please help!

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