CP Supplies & Clean Up??

ScbnymphNovember 16, 2006

Hello All.....

I've been lurking for a while and would like to try CP, however I am a little curious as to how the pot and hand blender are cleaned??

Do you use the same hand blender and s.s. pot as you use for cooking or do you own seperate one's used only for your soap making?? If you do use the same items for cooking what is the best cleaning method??



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I make goat milk soap I don't use the same pots that I cook with to make them I have pots I use just for makeing soap, as do I have pots I use just for making my candles. As for cleaning them I scrub them with hot water and run them trough the dish washer when I am finished with them. I wouldn't use them to cook food in.


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I don't use them to cook with. In fact, I keep all my soap equipment separate from food equipment. Regarding cleaning... I always fill "oil pot" and lye/water container w/ a mixture of hot water and vinegar (to neutralize any remaining lye) I also put all other equip (spoons, blender parts, ladels, etc) in one of these two containers... I then rinse all w/ hot water and then put in dishwasher... I let dishwasher fill and then add a little bit of vinegar to it (just to be on the safe side). Maybe I overdo the vinegar thing, but better safe than sorry.

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Hello Claire,

I just use liquid soap (lots) and hot/warm water to clean everything.

I will scrape off as much raw soap as possible; if you have a lot, make soap balls with this.
Then, all of the equipment into the sink with about 5 squirts of liquid soap. I do not use gloves, no I am not a tough guy; just with the limited amount of lye/raw soap around, a double sink, the amount of water that I use, I feel it is not necessary. And besides, the sink and water are right there if I need it.
I make a joke about soapers should learn how to make liquid soap before CP, just for the clean up.

If I feel I haven't done a proper job of cleaning, I will put these into the dishwasher (not the large pots though).

I will let these air dry, and then put them away. This equipment is used for soap making only.


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