Rookie with questions. :)

party_music50November 2, 2008

Hi all --

I'm planning a get-together with my 14yo niece, and one of the things we'll do is make some candles. I mentioned the "ice candles" we made when I was a kid, and she says that sounds cool. I was just going to buy some paraffin wax and use ice cubes or crushed ice, packed into a cardboard milk carton. I'm wondering how much paraffin I'll need to make several of them (we'll use both half-gallon and quart sized cartons). Paraffin isn't easy to find in the stores now... it was almost $4.50/lb at a local hardware store, and I thought that seemed very expensive. I can order 10 lbs on-line for around $20 plus $15 shipping, so wondered if that was the best way to go.

Also: my niece mentioned she'd like to try making gelly candles. I researched and thought that the materials for that might make a good xmas present for her. I was able to find 25oz or 55oz gelly wax on-line... how much should I get for a beginner who just wants to try it? I realize I need to get zinc-cored wicks for that, as well as appropriate dyes or scents or "additives" to suspend in the gel. :)

Thanks for any help!!! :)

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You should check out WalMart, Michaels, or HobbyLobby for your supplies. They all carry parrifin, soy and gel wax. Reasonable prices. You can also buy a set of everything you will need in one box. It has the jars, scents, wicks, wax, everything in one box. If you have a JoAnn Fabrics nearby, they carry candle supplies also.

As for how much wax you will need for the ice candles, I would say probably around 10#.

Hope this is helpful.

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That's all very helpful info. Thank you!

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