Where Does Everyone Get Their Jars?

waddlesNovember 23, 2005

We have been looking for a reasonable place to get candle jars. So far once the shipping is included then the jars become outrageous. We have been getting some at the dollar store but those are only and when they have them. Does anyone have a good place to get them.

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Like you, I have never been able to locate an on-line place to get jars resonably priced once the shipping is added on to them. I buy my jelly jars from Big Lots or my local Ace Hardware (Ace carries them year round, at WalMart they are "seasonal" here), and other candle containers I buy at the Dollar Store. The only exception is candle tins. I buy those on-line at Wholesale Supplies Plus. They are very light weight and therefore even with shipping they stay resonably priced.

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I buy my jars from Specialty Bottle and Swans. They are both in my state.
I suggest that you find some candle suppliers in your area and check shipping. Also for straight sided jelly jars,(plain) with lid choices, check out Tennessee Candle Supply.
Brent has some of the best pricing if you buy multiples.

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Hi Waddles - I read that you can go to tag/estate sales for canning jars of any size. Got mine quite cheap & they came with lids! Also, read that you can use papertowel holders, milk cartons, the small plastic containers that applesauce comes in,the round pringles chip containers.
Also, if you have a salvage/discount store in your area.
They usually sell (in the paperplate/cup section) small containers for relishes or the small plastic refill cups for the bathroom. I have been able to locate- loads of molds for my candles - cheaply! I consider any plastic, small container, that I find! Also, some of those same type containers for soap molds. I never have to bother with shipping, but I do have to hunt! Hope some of these ideas, will help you out. Goodluck! Tina_2

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