RECIPE: authentic hunza diet bread!!!!

Brett MichaelsOctober 14, 2001

Unfortunately, most of the postings claiming to have the

Hunza Diet Bread are false...

The Good News is the DIET BREAD is real, with incredible

results to back up the claims...

Notice most ingredients given in these formulations, listed

in the bulletins are not avail to the Hunza's....

So, becareful with what is posted...

The "AUTHENTIC" formulation truly does create more than incredible results for those on the true product....

( 4-6 lbs per week )...My wife and several friends can't

get enough of it! Enjoy...


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I would like this recipe for Hunza diet bread; how do I get it. thanks tony

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Would like the recipie for hunza diet bread. How do I get it?

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This is a website with chapattis similar to what the Hunza people eat.

The "Hunza diet bread" is named that because it sounds healthy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bread the Hunza's actually make

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These PEOPLE used our email server and SPAMMED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE with all kinds of return email addresses. They used millions of other email addresses as the FROM email address. These people are crooks and should be treated as such. Your email could be used next, so please take this as a warning.. We are filling a lawsuit, for their illegal activity on our servers.

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So how do you get a REAL recipe for this bread???

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I am suspicious of this offer - The website has the EXACT SAME information in the EXACT SAME words, except that it was supposedly from Sweden, as the e-mail I got from a publishing company in New York State. It is also $55 against $7 from the people in New York.

That would mean that 2 different "journalists" in 2 different countries, interviewing 2 different couples, got the same interview, and wrote it up in the EXACT same words.

Somebody is ripping somebody off ....

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So, Brett,

Where is the recipe? It didn't come up on your post.

Thanks, Lyn

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There's no such thing as bread that will make you lose weight! Wishful thinking! It's nothing but pure, refined carb.


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