Will Lye Damage My Glass Stove Cook Top?

just_me_6November 18, 2010

I want to learn how to make soap and I've been debating on whether to use the microwave method, the slow-cooker method or the double-boiler method for heating the soap. It just occurred to me that I might not even be able to do the double-boiler on the stove top method as I have one of the newer glass top stoves.

Does anyone know for sure whether lye will damage these glass-top stoves? (If there is any question at all, then I won't event hink about trying that method).


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I would not think that a lye solution would affect your stove top, but I would ask the stove manufacture for a definitive answer. Also I wouldn't think that sugar would be nasty to your glass stove top, but it apparently it is.

I would suggest that you start with cold process, vice hot process.
It takes more time, but cold process is the hot process without adding any heat.
Either way, good luck.

Ask questions here if need be.

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