Sewing with chiffon

kathieloOctober 2, 2008

What is the beest method for hemming a chiffon scarf? I've tried pressing then was OK. then I tried doing a rolled hem on my looked ok except the stitches were not even. and the hem seemed to pull. I just followed the directions in my manual because I haven't done a rolled hem on the serger before. I also tried the hemmer foot for my sewing machine. That worked but again the stitches pulled the hem so the scarf is not square.

Anyone have any suggestions to make the scarf look professional? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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Hi Kathie, this is me, a two thread rolled hem stitch is preferred for fine, lightweight edge finishes on sheer and lightweight fabrics. Adjust your stitch length to 1.5 or 2 mm setting for soft edge finish. Okay, here's how you start: go with a balanced 2-thread overlock stitch before adjusting your tension. Tighten the needle thread tension dial to eliminate "V's" formed by your needle thread on the underneath side of the fabric. Loosen the looper thread tension dial so that the looper thread rolls around the edge to the upper side of your fabric. I can send you pics of samples so you can see what you need to do if "that" or "this" isn't quite right. Later...

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