Trish_orNovember 1, 2004

Well.. I bought some good wax, scent and color. I am relly excited.. cant wait to start making some great smelling candles. Yeah!! So I melt down my wax, add my color and then one whole ounce of scent..Thought that it seemed like a lot of scent for one pound of wax, but hey, I will try anything. Pour my candles, hmmm, my house smells so good! Fast forward hours and hours. I removed all of my candles from the molds. Set them on the counter to breathe a little. Went back a couple of hours later and they feel wet?? One of the candles has a pool of color and maybe scent on the top of it?? Pick it up and have tons of this wet mess on my hands?? What in the world am I doing wrong?? Please help. Any suggestions will be appreciated!!


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1st thing that comes to mind is: was the oil & color well mixed into the wax? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but some oils mix in slower than others. Sounds like you had some oil & color that hadn't incorperated into the wax totally, or may have been too much at one time.
(I have a strawberry oil that makes great smelling candles, but is a PITB to mix in. Just makes little globules in the melted wax. If I added an ounce all at one time I would never get it incorperated into the wax. I have to add about 1/4 oz at a time & stir & stir & stir. I usually give up at about 3/4 + a bit of oil because trying to mix that last bit in takes forever. BUT not alot of oils are that bad)

you might want to melt your wax, then add the scent, GRADUALLY, so you can see if it's mixed well, then add your color, until you get used to mixing the oil. Some oils will also alter the color of the dye you are using. That strawberry, mentioned above, is alomst an orange color on it's own, so when I add it to a nice red dyed wax I always end up having to add MORE red to get it back to a red color

Also with any scent add's easier to add more scent, harder to add more wax because the scent is too strong.

Was the oil designed for candle use?

Depending on the wax, you may need to add some vybar to it, it hardens the candles & helps bind the scent.

You MAY be able to remelt those down & add some more wax to them, maybe about 1/4 lb and repour them. just put them in a ziptop bag & practice with some others before you try to remelt. If possible, cut them up & remelt over very low heat. Don't leave them unattended while remelting. It may weaken the scent a bit remelting, and adding the extra wax will weaken it a bit, but it should help with getting the oil/color incorperated. can't promise it will work, but it can't hurt.
I've had to re do candles before, and the "re-do's" turn out fine.

As with any new craft, it takes practice to get good at it.


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I have never made anything but container candles, but I agree with Hazel; evidentally the wax and fragrance didn't incorporate well. I use J223, and it must be heated and the oil (I add the one ounce all at once) must be added when the wax is 180* and not lower. Then you stir like crazy and when the wax temperature has reached 150, you pour it. I am assuming that your wax had instructions with it- if so, are you sure you heated it to the proper temperature and cooled to the proper temperature? I would remelt the whole batch and give it another try.

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Checking temperatures? I never did that when I made candles. And most of the scents I used were not in the form of oil, but in the form of a waxy type block. I'd cut off what I wanted and just melt it into the other candle wax. Stir and pour.

I admit I began making candles about 35 years ago and stopped about 15 years ago, but like I said, I never checked the wax temperature - never did a temperature at all. Just melted my wax in a double boiler, toss in color cubes and tossed in scent cubes - stir and pour.


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