Anybody around?

Hazel_SCNovember 22, 2004

Just wanted to pop in & see if anyone was still here?

I've been doing shows & selling on ebay, and making jewelry between all that. Web site has also been busy, mostly with craft supplies.

Shows have been so-so, good thing I added jewelry to my line or I'd be hurting. Have sold very little soap this year, even less than last year. Some of the other stuff like lavender pillows & dryer bags are selling, but folks don't seem to be into the "smelly" stuff as much, at least here.

Folks seem to like the soap being in the clamshells so I don't think that's the problem. (I have sample bars done the old way, wrapped in plastic & you can smell them well as soon as I set up)

Last show I did there was myself doing the glycerin M&P soap & another lady selling old fashioned lye soap, & neither one of us sold hardly anything. I think I sold 1 bar of soap & 1 lavender pillow, no other scented stuff,

just jewelry.

I'm thinking soap has had it's time, at least locally......

So what's everyone one else doing these days?

Anything interesting going on where you are?

It's been so slow here, I'm not even checking daily anymore.....and seriously contemplating not renewing membership when it's up at the end of December....


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Hi Hazel. Happy Thanksgiving. I, too, no longer check this board even daily. Sad, isn't it? Things are going well here, sales have actually picked up a bit, but my sellers are still the "functional" soaps, not the pretty, scented ones. I have been busy with work and trying to keep up with things at home, too. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving-

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