looking for: acid reflux (gerd) sufferer willing to share recipe

ThomasNOctober 1, 2002

My stomach has recently taken me to frontiers not previously explored. Have discarded vast numbers of favorite recipes which emphasized oils, fats, citrus, chocolate, nuts, et al, and am avidly seeking to achieve some variety in diet. Have a few recipes and product choices I can share with those similarly inflicted. Tom

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I'm not sure what you are asking. A recipe will not help your reflux. Certain foods will aggravate your reflux and you will find that out quickly which ones they are. If you're not taking any form of antiacid, I suggest "Pepcid Complete". (Make sure it's Pepcid Complete and not Pepcid 75 or what ever). It is the best over the counter product you can get without a prescription. I take that at night and Nexum in the morning. It has stopped my reflux at night when the Nexum had stopped working. However, when I eat something greasey or real spicy I know it right-a-way.
Hope this info will help.

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For what it's worth - I have lived with a severe case of reflux (diagnosed) for 40 years. Prilosec worked for me, but caused severe side effects so I had to quit. Many, many Pepcid and tons of Tums later, I went on low carb diet for weight loss, and have not had any reflux trouble since going on the diet.

It's possible I'm allergic to wheat flour, or some other product I don't eat on this program, but truly - it has made a world of difference. I drink coffee, and eat almost anything I want on the program, without anything legal causing symptoms.

Good luck finding something that works for you.


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I have acid reflux like you wouldn't beleive and I also need to lose weight. If you wouldn't mind sharing your low carb secrets it would be greatly appreciated.
I have a weakness for sugar so I need a good substitute. I have found that aspertame causes me headaches and I have currently switched to splenda, not quite so bad but still has the aftertaste. I'm hoping that I will get use to it time. With all of the weight I have to lose it's really hard to find low carb foods to eat that I won't get sick of since I will be dieting for at least a few months.

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Hi Everybody,
I don't have any recipes but I do know that when my DH drinks some milk before bedtime------it helps his acid reflux problem.

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When I found I was diabetic, and had to get off sugars, my heartburn has almost completely stopped. I use sugar sub. on cereal, sugarfreejello and pudding, sugarfree candies, and low carb everything else. what a difference!

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Dh has/had refulx and Gerd (with the vomiting) He went on Prevacid and it's helped. He dropped 20lbs and went on a low carb diet. He has been able to stop taking his medication due to these changes.

Just a few suggestions to try.

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I have to follow up here with another vote for low carb. A dieting buddy who started low carb with me said the first thing she noticed was that she did not have her reflux problems!! And that was within a week.

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Another testimony to the fact that since going low carb my DH's GERD has been greatly reduced. But that isn't the solution for everyone. Different foods will trigger different reactions in different people. One of my DH's worst is anything with cooked tomatoes. I do feel for him, but it is really embarrassing to eat a meal in a nice restaurant and then have him deposit it in the gutter just before we get into the car. Not to mention, unappetizing, and a complete waste of money. I don't sound very sympathetic, do I? And who among you has been pulled from a dead sleep by being vomited upon? Sometimes it hits him so quickly that he doesn't have time to even turn his head away. As I age, I also have found that there are certain foods I should avoid. But he just doesn't seem to remember the connection. If he wants it, he eats it, and we both pay the price later. There are lots of medications available that can take care of some of the symptoms, and he takes prilosec, but my vote is for intelligent eating. Sorry if I grossed you out, I guess I needed to vent.

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I suffered from acid reflux for many years, until I got my blood sugar under control. I didn't even know I had high blood sugar. Perhaps you should have your doctor test you. I haven't had any problems since then, and it has been several years.


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