Liquid Soap?

just1morehostaNovember 28, 2009


Have any of you made a good liquid soap?

I have the book,but it sounds so complicted.Just wondering if any of you have made it,and was it easy?

Was it clear,or milky looking?

I really want to try this,any ideas?Thank you


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That depends on how you want to make it. If you want to make it from scratch, it is kind of like making Cold Process soap bars. So if you find that too complex (as I do) it may not be for you. But converting an existing bard of natural soap into liquid is much easier. There are loads of recipes on the net.

I must admit I haven't tried this yet, but the recipes look simple enough that I probably will.

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Thank you sara,
Yes, i would like to make it from scratch.I have made it the old fashioned way from a bar of soap,and your right, that is way easy.
Maybe some one else has made it from scratch?Thank you for your comment though.

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